Fransua Bofor

Picture of Fransua Bofor

Date of Birth: 01/16/1616

Age: 53

Citizenship: France


Francis, Count of Vendome, 2nd Duke of Beaufort (January 16, 1616 - June 25, 1669) - grandson of King Henry IV the Great on the sideline. There was a significant figure of the Fronde, and later with the rank of Admiral excelled in naval battles in the Mediterranean, where he died.

Escape of the Duc de Beaufort from the Chateau de Vincennes served as one of the themes of the novel Dumas "Twenty Years Later"; character appears in "The Vicomte de Bragelonne." In addition, since the deceased Duke`s body was found, one version has it that he was the man in the iron mask.

The second son of Cesar de Bourbon, Duke of Vendome (the illegitimate son of the King and Gabrielle d `Estrees) and Francoise Lorraine.

From a young age he took part in the wars - even at the age of 12 years was in the expedition against Savoy (1628). He took part in the siege of Corbie, Esdena and Arras. Following the example of his father, he entered into a conspiracy against Cardinal Richelieu, and was forced to spend some time in exile at the court of the King of England.

After the death of Louis XIII at first it seemed that the star of Duke rose - Regent Anne of Austria, felt for his nephew of the deceased husband`s affection, entrust their sons to him, gave him the opportunity to make decisions, etc. But her feelings for Mazarin were stronger, Beaufort understood it, began to be jealous and fell into disgrace.

In 1643 he joined one of the biggest conspiracies against Mazarin - the so-called "Conspiracy arrogant." Anne of Austria ordered to hone in Vincennes castle, where he escaped in 1648 and fled first to the Chenonceau castle, then in Vendome. He was a prominent leader of the Fronde, Parisians was nicknamed "King of the markets