Fransico Muhica Garmendia

Picture of Fransico Muhica Garmendia

Citizenship: Spain


In mid-1999 the French authorities, which he

serving a 10-year sentence for conspiracy, handed him to his homeland, where he appeared before the Supreme Court

Spain. The trial Paquito began in August 2000 - he was accused of involvement in several bombings.

He admitted his membership in ETA, but denied that he held a senior position in the group. leading

Information agentstvamira assumed that he was threatened with a 30-year prison sentence, but their

forecasts were not justified. October 6, 2000, former commander of ETA was convicted

neskolkihterrakov organization and sentenced to 109 years in prison. Three days later, ETA militants

expressed their attitude to the verdict - 9 October in Granada on the street was shot and killed the chief prosecutor