Franois Guizot

Picture of Franois Guizot

Date of Birth: 04/10/1787

Age: 86

Place of birth: Him

Citizenship: France


Guizot`s political career began in 1814 with the restoration. By 1819 Guizot became one of the most active `doktrinerov`, ie Constitutional-royalists, supporters of a limited monarchy. Towards ultraroyalistami in 1820, Guizot engaged in scientific research. His political reputation was reinforced by the lectures at the Sorbonne (1828-1830), and the efforts of the liberals, he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in 1830.

Guizot had to put up with the revolution in 1830, and he moved on to conservative positions. He was one of the initiators of the reforms, which were to establish the British model, `gold seredinu` between anarchy and despotism. He was Minister of the Interior, Education, Foreign Affairs, the last prime minister (since 1847). When the Revolution of 1848, he fled to London and resumed his istoricheskieissledovaniya. He returned to France in 1849, while maintaining a broad circle of friends and the influence of the French Academy.

Among the major works of Gizo - History of the English Revolution from the time of Charles I (Histoire de la rvolution d`Angleterre depuis Charles I, 1826-1827); The history of civilization in Europe (Histoire de la civilisation en Europe, 1828); The history of civilization in France (Histoire de la civilisation en France, 1830), as well as a large collection of documents on French history in 25 volumes in English and history in the 31 volume. After the 1848 Guizot wrote six additional volumes on the history of England, 17 in .; own memories (Mmoires) in 9 volumes and expertly outlined the history of France to tell my grandchildren (Histoire de France raconte mes petits-enfants, 1870).

Died Gizo in Val-Richer October 12, 1874.