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Adams is best known as the author of a newspaper column `Conning Tower` (letters.` Fighting rubka`) and a permanent party radiodishou ` Information Please`. He wrote many lyrical poems ; in the 1920s and 1930s, Adams was a member of the New York writers, critics and actors `Algonquin Round Table`.

Franklin Pierce Adams - the birth of Leopold Adams Franklin (Franklin Leopold Adams) - born on November 15, 1881 - th ,Chicago, Illinois (Chicago, Illinois). His mother was Clara Adams Schlossberg (Clara Schlossberg Adams), and the father`s name was Moses (Moses). When the boy was 13 years old, he changed his middle name to ` ` Leopold` Pirs`.

In 1899 he graduated from the Armour Scientific Academy,then he spent a year at the University of Michigan (University of Michigan) and dedicated work in the insurance industry three years.

Having signed a contract with `Chicago Journal` in 1903, Adams led his column, which quickly became a humorous character and changed its name to ` A Little about Everything` (lit.. ` About all ponemnozhku`) . The following year he moved to the newspaper `New York Evening Mail`, where he remained until 1914, was responsible for column ` Always in Good Humor` (lit.. ` All the good yumore`) . During this period, Adams wrote, perhaps one of his most famous works, the poem `Baseball`s Sad Lexicon`.

In 1914 he went to work in the newspaper `New York Tribune`,where he was the author of the popular column `Conning Tower`.

During the First World, Franklin served in the US Army military intelligence, as well as led the column `Listening Post` news site ` Stars and Stripes` under the editorship of Harold Ross (Harold Ross). After the war, he returned to the `New York Tribune`, and in 1922 moved to the newspaper ` New York World`,until he began his cooperation with the newspaper `New York Telegram`. He returned to the old newspaper, at that time known as the `New York Herald Tribune`, where he remained until 1937, and finally settled in the ` New York Post`, where in September 1941 ended his career columnist.

Successfully existing for many years ,Column `Conning Tower` presented the works of such writers as Robert Benchley (Robert Benchley), Edna Ferber (Edna Ferber), George S. Kaufman (George S. Kaufman), John O`Hara (John O`Hara), Dorothy Parker (Dorothy Parker) and others.

At that time it was just once is enough to light up in the Adams column to start a successful career ,as it happened in the case of Dorothy Parker and James Thurber (James Thurber). Talking about what did Adams for Thurber, the latter quipped : ` He took me up with rhyming dvustishya`. Many of the poems from the collection of Thurber `Not So Deep as a Well` 1936 were first printed in the column ` Conning Tower`.Adams is credited with the statement in a speech literary term `aptronym`, which roughly corresponds to the term ` talking familiya` and is representative of a career or position a man in his family. However, later, in 1992, Frank Nyussel (Frank Nuessel) translated form of the word `aptronym` in ` aptonym`.As a member of the radio program `Information Please`, Franklin became an expert on the works of poetry and creative duo Gilbert (W. S. Gilbert) and A. Sullivan (Arthur Sullivan). Instead of taking the name ` Gilbert and Sallivan` he always represented the union as a librettist and composer O`Sullivan and Gilbert`. Adams also translated works by Horace (Horace) and a number of others. Ancient authors and collaborated with O. Henry (O. Henry) to work on the musical comedy `Lo`.

Franklin Pierce Adams died March 23, 1960 th, in New York (New York City).

The film-drama ` Mrs. Parker and the Vicious krug` (` Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle`) 1994-of actor Zien Chip (Chip Zien) played the role of Franklin P. Adams.

` Err - property of the person ; to forgive - it isklyuchenie`.

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