Franklin Booth Jr

Picture of Franklin Booth Jr

Date of Birth: 1924

Age: 91

Citizenship: United States


A famous American billionaire and entrepreneur, Times Mirror company heir. His net worth is around two billion dollars (according to the famous magazine Forbes, which put Franklin in the list of the most influential and wealthy personalities of the world).

Franklin Booth falls great-grandson of the well-known at the time the founder of Times Mirror Company Harrison Gray Otis - politicians, businessmen, and one of the leading people of the United States in the early 19th century.

Some time FranklinaButa activity was associated with the company Los Angeles Mirror. He worked there for a while (after Stanford University), and after - met with businessman Charles Minger and began to work with him in a small organization dedicated to real estate.

In 1963, it was Franklin joined the well-known figures Warren Buffett and with his help was in the company Berkshire Hathaway - one of the largest holding companies engaged in investment and insurance. Areas of activity of the organization sided - it is finance, publishing, jewelery, confectionery manufacturing, furniture production, construction materials and so on.

At the time, Frankl Booth received an excellent education. First of all - in the Californian University of Technology, at the end of which was awarded an honorary bachelor`s degree in science and art. After a while, Franklin graduated from Stanford University and became a certified specialist, as well as - the prestigious MBA.

Currently, Franklin Booth reached the venerable age (he is married and has six children). Its entrepreneurial activity has long subsided, but its own interests billionaire still pays a lot of attention. For example, Franklin still enjoy hunting and fishing (what he does with enviable constancy). In addition, recently the billionaire, a new passion - the cultivation of oranges.

Great expectations Franklin imposes on its five thousand acres Otis Orchards, he tends to get completely and bequeath.