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Reality show ` The Real World: San Diego` involving Abernathy was filmed at the end of 2003 and aired from January to June 2004.

Frankie Joe Abernathy was born on December 21, 1981, in Kansas City ,Missouri, United States. The eldest daughter Abby Hunter and Joe Abernathy. Frankie had a younger sister named Mami and stepfather Perry Hunter. She graduated from high school in Blue Springs, Missouri.

In promotional materials MTV channel Abernathy described the girl who ` loves to shock people by their appearance, to meet with the bad guys ,error status: 400He first settled in ` reality dome`, becoming, according to MTV, the closest friend to Abernathy among others.

At the age of three, Frankie postavilistrashny diagnosis - cystic fibrosis, characterized by lesions of exocrine glands. During the reality show audience could repeatedly see the symptoms of this genetic disease ,error status: 400error status: 400error status: 400error status: 400After ` Real World : San Diego` at the beginning of 2004, Frankie spent her time working at various retail outlets in his hometown, as well as doing tattoos with Art Intensity Network and communicate with their family and friends. ` Girl from realiti` poyavilasna cover tattoo magazine ` Prick` in the May issue of 2005. With Frankie family moved to live in Shorewood, Wisconsin, in the autumn of 2006. She was engaged in the design of women`s handbags, using the unusual material - old vinyl records, and could not spend a lot of time a new hobby. Working at full capacity, according to her mother, she was prevented cystic fibrosis ,error status: 400error status: 400error status: 400error status: 400a bachelor`s degree in mathematics. Even in college Abernathy been politically active, organizing a protest because of the lack of heating and hot water in the bedrooms.

In 1950, Abernathy was appointed to the post of Director of Human Resources in the State University of Alabama, and later -dean and professor of sociology and mathematics. During this period he made speeches on the radio.

In 1951, Abernathy received the master`s degree in sociology at Atlanta University. His thesis he called " Natural history of social movements. Montgomery zarazvitie Association ", it was later published. error status: 400In December 1955, in response to the arrest of his colleague, Abernathy, along with Martin Luther King founds the American civil rights movement.

To organize a boycott of buses, " Montgomery Association for Development", established by King and Abernathy, held a successful 381- day boycott.error status: 400Dr. Abernathy was the first financial secretary-treasurer and vice-president of the Conference during the presidency of Keane, and succeeded him in office after his tragic death.

After the success of the Freedom March in Montgomery, Virmingeme and Hantvile in 1961, Martin Luther King insisted ,error status: 400Their work led to the adoption of the Bill on the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Act on Equal rights v1965 election year and the abolition of segregation laws in the southern states.

During the turbulent 13 years, from 1955 until the death of Dr. King in 1968, King and Abernathy were inseparable, they traveled together, sharing a hotel room ,cameras in prisons and spending leisure time together with their families.

Abernathy is constantly attacked, beaten police, throwing bombs at him, he was arrested 44 times. Life Abernathy and his family was constantly in danger. He made a confiscation of his property and disinheritance. Despite the harassment and threats,Dr. King and Abernathy organized protest marches through the streets of the South, strebovaniem equality for their people.

During King`s assassination in Memphis in 1968, Abernathy was beside him. At the beginning of his last public appearances King said : " Ralph Abernathy - my best friend in the world I`ve ever had. "error status: 400Abernethy July 19 speech at the Lincoln Memorial in front of thousands of black and white citizens. The police dispersed the rally, and the Abernathy spent three weeks in jail for refusing to comply.

During his life, Abernathy received more than 300 awards and honors, including five honorary doctorates from various universities. Dr. Abernathy testified before Congress that recognize only legal methods of struggle for equality and civil rights for all people, regardless of race and color.

Abernathy died at Emory Crawford Memorial Hospital as a result of a thrombotic occlusion of the heart at the age of 64 years

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