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Famous American swindlercounterfeiter. For Frank has been acknowledged many crimes. Despite his machinations, the American was an incredibly talented and gifted man, able to move mountains to achieve this goal. At all times for the American swindler main aim was not money, but something else. Frank loved the excitement ,error status: 400five years old, his father and mother divorced. Frank suffered greatly and the separation of parents in every way pushed them to unite. Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain.

Father of the American swindler was a big entrepreneur and businessman, has considerable experience in dealing with money and people.It is from their own parents, Frank and got most of the necessary knowledge and "useful

" For the experience of offenses.

Later, his father was not only a teacher, taught his son a lot, but also a victim - a parent was the first of those who have been Frank`s machinations. After Frank Abagnale (Frank Abagnale) successfully managed to crank out a few "cases", he decided to come to grips with a career conman and fraudster. During his long life American experienced itself as a variety of specialists. Each new profession or craft that is mastered by Frank, brought him a lot of information ,error status: 400error status: 400error status: 400Only in November 2013, left Magomed luck - he not only lost to the opponent (even on points) , but also got the next day in the hospital with a blood clot in the brain.

Mohammed was born in Makhachkala, Dagestan ; He was the eldest son in the family and was brought up in full compliance with the strict tenets of the Muslim faith. Magomed `s father knew ,that existed at that time in the country`s volatile environment, the boy had all the chances to contact with criminals ; to protect his son from wrong life choices Abdusalamov Sr. decided through sport. The idea proved to be extremely successful - the boy showed outstanding athletic ability. error status: 400how to penetrate the international level Abdusalamov not even dream.

In 2008 Abdusalamov took part in the Olympic Games qualifying competition, but to get out of the qualification Magomed could not - in the way it stood Englishman David Price (David Price), in the end who took the bronze.

In 2008, the Mohammed turned into a professional ;error status: 400error status: 400Following their victory over the Russians won Pettaueem American Jason (Jason Pettaway); This time the enemy was able to hold out against Abdusalamov more than three rounds - and only in the fourth still went in a knockout. Next opponent Magomed, American Bayarm Maurice (Maurice Byarm),repeat the kind of record Pettaueya failed and went in a knockout in the second round.

In September of 2012 Abdusalamov went to fight with Jameel McCline (Jameel McCline); fight left extremely busy, although fairly short-lived - in the first round Magomed first time in his professional career went to a knockdown.When he came to his senses, Abdusalamov managed to reverse the situation - by the end of the first round he played a loss of initiative, and at the end of the second himself sent the opponent to the canvas. McCline was able to climb, but the referee considers it reasonable to stop the fight - what Jamil did not argue. As it turned out ,to fight with McCline Magomed came not in the best shape - even before the fight, he broke a rib and finally heal the injury had not.

In March 2013, against Magomed left Puerto Rican Victor Bisbal (Victor Bisbal). Again Abdusalamov had much harder than expected - the first two rounds Bisbal clearly dominated. The third and fourth rounds Magomed went to change the situation ; in the fifth, he sent the opponent in the knockout. The victory brought Magomed 3rd place in the WBC rankings.

In November 2013, Abdusalamov lost on points to the Cuban boxer Mike Perez (Mike Perez). The mere fact that Magomed Abdusalamov managed to win ,in itself was a surprise for boxing fans - for Magomed defeat it was the first. Send an opponent in the knockout Cuban failed, but the victory on points was awarded to Perez. Things Russian boxer went wrong from the very beginning - a bad blow to the Cuban head cost Magomed left hand injury. error status: 400error status: 400where he has found a blockage of blood vessels in the brain. To minimize the harmful consequences of this blockage, Magomed was decided to put into an artificial coma.

Surgeons managed to cope with surgery - a potentially life-threatening blood clot Abdusalamov was successfully removed. Boxer Health currently not threatened ; apparently, Mohammed did not even lose coordination. Now with the boxer in New York are his father and brother Magomed Magomedgadzhi Abdusalam

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