Francis Hendy

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Year of birth : 1998

Age: 17 years

Citizenship : United States

Freedom, courage and sense of adventure

The corporation known as `Francis Hendy Inc.`, was established in 1998, with headquarters and exhibition center located in the heart of the Garment District in New York (New York, NY). Francis Hendy, founder of fashion company ,took over the sewing skills from the very childhood, when his mother from Trinidad (Trinidad) seated on his knees and began to create fashion items.

Opening your own business, Francis Hendy was the individual entrepreneur in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, NY). He has achieved excellent results and collected the whole customer base celebrities. Business momentum. Hendy recognized as the best menswear designer in 2000. Then the brand `Francis Hendy` shown what is capable in the sportswear segment, and how he copes admirably with individual orders. Hendy loved private clients, as well as buyers from the entertainment industry, you miss the bright and stylish clothes.Today `Francis Hendy` is still in the growth phase, it looks significant strategic partners and investors to establish wholesale and retail trade.

Fashionable Francis philosophy is based on freedom, courage and thirst for adventure. Known for his exquisite work skozhey and suede ,Hendi has created some of the most unique and eclectic clothing ensembles in favor of their clients. This merit, among others, has helped the designer and his company to gain its rightful place at the New York fashion scene. Client `Francis Hendy` - is confident man, ready to talk about his or her identity, including through dress. This is the one who keeps up with modern trends, constantly increases the requirements to itself and the level of his life. Finally, an admirer of Hendi - a bold experimenter, ready to step into a new level of style and comfort.

The army of fans `Francis Hendy` includes stars such as Missy Elliott (Missy Elliot), Britney Spears (Britney Spears),Whitney Houston (Whitney Houston), Usher (Usher), Lil Jon (Lil John), musicians from `Aerosmith`,` Backstreet Boys` and mn.dr

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