Francis And Margaret Brierley

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Citizenship: United Kingdom

Account from the past: a generous gift to regular customers

Francis and Margaret Brierly met in Jersey (Jersey), in 1965; there is a happy event in one of the hotel chains `Dolan Group`. Apparently, there is a proposed service them well arranged - Frances and Margaret kept coming back to the same resort again and again. They have always stayed in one of the 4 star hotels `Dolan Group` -` Hotel Cristina` or `Somerville Hotel`. Three years after meeting Margaret and Frances were married; loyalty, but they kept not only each other, but are connected to their coast.

The couple managed to see the world, but nowhere and never had it so good as the Jersey shore. Someone like sentimentality may seem funny - who needs the British resort, if you can go to relax on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea (Mediterranean Sea)? Brierly, however, `Beach turetskiy` was not needed - the modest charm of` home forever storony` them more than satisfied.

Another of their visit was to be on the account is already the 90 th; in honor of the anniversary of the kind of management of the hotel has made spouses highly royal gift - a bill for the next couple weekends Brierly was put on the price of 1960. Activities, which in our time will cost the hotel guest in 1920 pounds, Francis and Margaret cost only 72 pounds; discount thus was more than 90%.

A sudden gift, of course, came to spouses to taste - nothing like Brierly could not ask. For an elderly British hotel was primarily the focus of a reservoir of memories - a very, very many happy events of their lives have been associated with this institution. Most likely, the couple would continue to come here in the future, and without such a generous gift from the management; the hotel manager, however, found it prudent to maintain regular customers - and at the same time and do a little advertising of its network. Network Chair noted that this customer `vernost` almost immediately the company`s management on the spot; its present management would not only help patrons save, but also to bring them at least for a moment in the blessed 60th.

Sami Brierly very young are not going to - the current state of their more than satisfied; however, enjoy the nostalgia can be, and remain quite young at heart.