Francesca Neri

Picture of Francesca Neri

Date of Birth: 02/10/1964

Age: 52

Place of birth: Trento

Citizenship: Italy


Francesca Neri was born in Trento. Italian actress. Three years Francesca Neri held at the acting department of the Experimental Film Centre in Rome, and then for another three years studied recitation, three - singing. Finally, the University of Rome signed up for art history course.

Francesca Neri we know not by Italian film and the film of Carlos Saura`s "Shoot", where she has created a tragic image of a woman, the avenger of his outraged honor, for committing violence. Another Spanish work is connected with the name of the director Jose Bigas, who directed her in the film "The Age of Lula."

Neri often refuses to act in films, rather than agree. Tackling the issue of roles for her professional dignity. Her latest role in Alessandro Benvenuti film "Ivo late" (1995) reaffirmed its high rating. Actress emotional and intellectual, requiring from its bright character personality expression.