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According to legend, "Fozzy" - is an American heavy team, has spent 20 years in Japan due to contractual obligations, and after returning home foundthat artists like "Iron Maiden", "Judas Priest" and "Twisted Sister" became the stars through stolen her songs.

In fact, "Fozzy" - is a project that started wrestler Chris Jericho (real name Chris Irvine) . This action prompted Chris acquainted with guitarist "Stuck Mojo" Rich Ward, took place behind the scenes of one of the restructur-show. Jericho before fanatel from "Stuck Mojo", and he particularly liked restlerskaya terminology and corresponding stage gadgets used by this group.

Ward, in turn, is a big fan of Chris, and when it turned out that both of them like "Journey" and "Stryper", then immediately had the idea to play music together.Immediately it was not possible to implement it, but when Chris injured his ankle and could not play in the arena, Rich invited him to participate in "Fozzy Osbourne" cover band.

FozzyIerihonu took the role of lead singer, second guitar gave a certain Ryan Mallamu, and the rhythm section made two party "Stuck Mojo", Frank and Dan Dryden Fontser. Although the team was still really nesygrannost not have its own repertoire, the rumors about her appearance quickly sunk to "Palm / Megaforce Records". Guide label interested unusual alliance known rap - throwers and popular wrestler, and the group was immediately offered a contract. The name of the team was soon reduced to "Fozzy",and to stand out from the crowd of cover bands, Chris and Rich decided to come up above the legend.

And they do not just come up with it, but also filmed on video, and that the people began to move more quickly, involved in the shooting of Dee Snider, Zakk Wylde, Mike Portnoy, and Sebastian Bach. Rollers scrolled on MTV,and after that there was the debut album, "Fozzy". The single "Eat a Rich" was able to get a large amount of ether, and the band meanwhile amused concerts, including speaking and restlerskih show.

FozzyCherez half the team came third guitarist Mike Schneider, and after him the fourth (!) - Andy Sneap. Last,really I played all four concerts and quietly retired. Later he left and Schneider, and with it, and Dryden, replaced by Keith Watson. Over time, the musicians tired Laba some covers, and on their second album, they decided to add a portion of their own material. After "Happenstance", published in the summer of 2002, on the "Fozzy" spoke not only in America ,especially since the team had a chance to participate in the "Bang Your Head Festival", held in Germany. At the end of the event he left the band Ryan Mallam and his instrument went to Billy Grey.

In 2004, he released the single with the song "Enemy", a policy adopted by the organization of the WWE wrestlers. In the same year, Jericho participated in tributes record "Kiss" and "Iron Maiden", and in early 2005, was born the third album from the "Fozzy", different from the previous releases by the presence of only his own compositions the band. The composition of the group at that time has changed again ,and the new project participants were Sean Delson (bass) and Mike Martin (guitar) .

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