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Year of birth: 2009Age: 6 yearsBirthplace: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Citizenship: United States

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Fans of punk rock and emo name Blake Schwarzenbach familiar for such teams as `Jets to Brazil` and` Jawbreaker`. A legendary figure on the American scene, Blake never ceases to amaze fans with their talent and imagination;so when all it seemedthat his career came to an end, he has appeared as a part of `Forgetters`. But if his new team will be able to break records `Jets to Brazil`?

`Forgetters` (often -` forgetters`) - American punk rock band formed in 2009 in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York), Blake Schwarzenbach (Blake Schwarzenbach).The group was founded shortly after the sudden collapse of the project `The Thorns of Life`, who spoke only for one year - from 2008 to 2009. The composition `Forgetters` himself entered Blake and two other musicians: Kevin Meyhon (Kevin Mahon), was best known as the drummer in the original part of the popular punkrock band` Against Me `,!and Caroline Paquita (Caroline Paquita), before speaking in the indie group `Bitchin`. To date, the band released only two works: a mini - album `Forgetters`, will be on sale in 2010, and the studio album of the same name, released two years later, in 2012. Preferring to remain independent,`Forgetters` band recorded and released albums on his own label` Too Small to Fail Records`.

`Forgetters` Group was founded in 2009 in New York. The main actors and the author of most of the songs has been and continues to be Blake Schwarzenbach, a cult figure on the American scene. Over the past two decades,Schwarzenbach was among the most famous punk rock and emo musicians United States, and its previous projects and `Jawbreaker`` Jets to Brazil` have been recognized in the context of the classic American alternative music beginning of the 1990s - early 2000s. Over time, however, the musician `s popularity began to fall,which was caused by the change of musical tastes: to replace the punk rock and emo came a soft sound, and a desire to `break the peace and rebuild it under sebya`, which was the foundation of punk rock in the hearts of teenagers gave way to the dream of a happy future with the car and big house.Nevertheless Blake continued to work and write new songs, his penultimate project `The Thorns of Life`, however, he spent more than a year and, despite the rave reviews, collapsed. As the musician confessed, `Forgetters` is its logical continuation, but this does not meanthat the group will try to copy the style of previous projects.Two other members of the group began Meyhon Kevin and Caroline Paquita.

Soon after the founding of the group began to give concerts in New York, who enjoyed great popularity in many respects because of the glory of Blake. In the first work group, 7 - inch plate `Forgetters`, includes such songskak ` Vampire Lessons`, `Too Small to Fail`,`Not Funny` and ` The Night Accelerates`. One of the songs - `Too Small to Fail` - gave its name to the group `s own label -` Too Small to Fail Records`. After the release of the disc the band embarked on a small tour of the east coast ; it is interesting that despite the small scale of the tour ,

He drew the attention of many music critics. Thus, for example.

`Willamette Week` described the tour as a` grand drunk wandering through the smog and fog east poberezhya`.

Tragic in the history of the group was the year 2011 : after the failure of a European tour group had left Caroline, that interrupted the touring and studio work group. Fortunately, 2012-year the network has a group photo with the rehearsals: to replace Carolyn came Proffit Michelle (Michelle Proffit), and in the recording of their debut studio album participated famous James Robbins (James Robbins).

November 13, 2012 the first first full-length album, `Forgetters`, went on sale.For some time the musicians were not given live performances, but in the spring of 2014 continued to tour and perform.

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