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Birthday : 3/11/1901, the

Age: 114 years

Citizenship : United States

The first conveyor car production

The name of Henry Ford, many associated with the first car ; Meanwhile, `Ford Motor Company` actively engaged in trade, and to this day. The new century and a number of related crises affected the company is not the best way, but the whole company continues to hold the position in the automotive market.

The first attempt to sell cars under the name of Henry Ford (Henry Ford) has taken November 3, 1901 th - it was then that the world was revealed the company `Henry Ford Company`. 22 August 1902-th company become a `Cadillac Motor Company` - Ford left, taking with them the right to own name. In 1903 it opened a factory `Ford Motor Company`; the needs of the company had collected about 28,000 dollars from 12 different investors. Initially, the day produced only a few cars ;labored over every car two or three specialists. For some 10 years the company has grown considerably ; important role in this was played by the introduction and Ford perfected the assembly line concept.

Founded by 39 -year-old Henry Ford `Ford Motor Company` has become one of the largest and most successful companies in the world - and, incidentally ,one of the few companies that have managed to survive the Great Depression. Another distinctive feature of the company was its ` cemeynost` - for more than 100 years ` Ford Motor Company` continuously been in the hands of the same dynasty. The company`s success was not achieved so much because of kakoy-the novelty of the proposed special products - vehicles ` sovremennogo` (by the standards of the time) began to make sense even in 1886 the German Karl Benz (Carl Benz); Ford has managed to succeed at the expense of truly effective organization of production - which is the most that neither is a positive impact on the cost first ,and then on selling cars cost.

Of course, not shunned company and technical innovations. In 1908, Ford predstavilna public the first motor with removable cylinder head.

In 1930, Ford was released `Model A` - the first model of the car with toughened windscreen.

In 1932-m `Ford Motor Company` began to produce cheap cars for engine ` V8`.

In 1956, we began to produce `Ford` system ` Lifeguard`. Includes new steering wheels in this system, seat belts in the front and (for the first time in the world) , the rear seats and some additional modules.

In 1957-m the company began producing door locks with the ` protection detey` and model with six seats with a retractable hard top.

In 1964 the brand was launched `Ford Mustang`, in 1965 - a reminder of the lamp Seat belt warning system.

In the 80 `Ford` launched a series of innovative and quite successful models ;sales were a great success all over the world. The company thought about attracting new customers ; measures for the modernization of the label went under the label ` Do you Drove Ford lately? `.

In 1990 and 1994, `Ford` bought projects ` Jaguar Cars` and `Aston Martin`. In the second half of the 90-s sales were quite active - America`s economy was on the rise, and the price of fuel at the time still is not particularly biting.

At the beginning of the new century situation, alas, it has changed. Fuel prices, changes in the health care system and the problems with the economy as a whole has been hit hard by the company - sales began to fall,and the income as a whole left much to be desired. Most of the corporate earnings in this period accounted for the sponsorship of the consumer auto loan forces `Ford Motor Credit Company`

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