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BiographyFord Ivy - creator of several live-action role-playing games, including `NERO International`,` Shandlin`s Ferry`, `Wildlands`,` The Isles`, live version of `Call of Cthulhu` and his last game -` The Osiris Sanction`. Ford - the owner of `LARPY Lifetime Achievement` PrizeHe was also guest of honor at the fair game Origins (Origins Game Fair) in July 2007.

After graduating from the faculty of architecture at the University of Texas (University of Texas), Ford Ivy has worked in all areas of construction - from design, finishing the construction manager in major projects in the Boston area (Boston).Soon, he was tired of the construction, and Ford has returned to his old passion opening game store `The GameMaster` in Arlington, Massachusetts (Arlington, Massachusetts). The store had tables for role-playing games and game pieces.

Around the same time, I heard about the Ivey role play live action called `Mid Realms Adventures`,which was held in New Hampshire (New Hampshire) and was based on the English `Treasure Trap`. The game he liked, but he was convinced that the characters can be granted more freedom. Ford several years organized a role play in Sudbury (Sudbury), and then the idea came to him ,that each player can do at the same time non-player characters to other players.

In the fall of 1987 it was organized an event called `Shandlin`s Ferry`, and it became the immediate predecessor ` NERO`.

`NERO` - a unique development based on the development of character and complete freedom of action. She grew up so fast ,that the organizers could not cope with it. Once in the journal `Dragon` article appeared on ` NERO`, the number of active players increased to five thousand.

`NERO` developed quickly, the new campaign appear. The first campaign was held in New Jersey (New Jersey) and was called `Ashbury Campaign`.

The first area ,which Ford acquired specifically for the game, I was in the town of Ware, Massachusetts (Ware, Massachusetts). The territory has an area of approximately 0.42 square meters. km, comprised of copses and open areas, comprised 27 buildings - old hotel `New England`, barns and a few huts.

In 1998, Ford sold the game Joe Valenti (Joe Valenti).Overcoming health problems, he returned to his hobby and now again involved in several projects.

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