Picture of Flyleaf

Year of birth: 2002

Age: 13 years

Place of birth: Belton, Texas, USA

Citizenship: United States


The band plays alternative metal, formed in 2002 in Belton, Texas.

Until 2005, the group was known as the "Passerby".

early yearsThe idea of ??creation "Flyleaf" belongs vocalist Liesl Mosley, who at the beginning of the new millennium arrived to a warm, Texas, in order to form his own group, called "Passerby".

The first party of her future team became the drummer James Culpepper, and later they were joined by guitarists Jared Hartmann and Sameer Bhattacharya.The final link in the group was the bassist Pat Seals, who arrived in 2002, after leaving the ranks of his former formation "The Grove".

During the next two years, under the guise of "Passerby", the band released three EPs and played over a hundred shows in Texas being under the auspices of the company "Runt Entertainment". In 2004 ,the group falls under the gaze of President "Octone Records", in consequence of that, in January, it was announced through the official website of the company, that group becomes part of the family "Octone Records".

In March of the same year, the band traveled to Seattle, Washington to record the EP,together with the famous Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam, Blind Melon). Later, the group gives a series of concerts in support of the self-titled EP, which take place with the participation of eminent colleagues: Breaking Benjamin, Staind and 3 Doors Down. In October 2004, disc appeared on the shelves of music stores.

The debut album

In 2005 ,the band recorded their first longpley, already as "Flyleaf", with the participation of Howard Benson (Papa Roach, My Chemical Romance), which was released October 4, 2005. Honorary guests were the album Dave Navarro (Jane`s Addiction) and Ryan White (Resident Hero). The first single from the album was the song "I`m So Sick",the second "Fully Alive" and composition "All Around Me" became the third single. This album has sold 500,000 copies and became the "gold."

In early 2006, the group "Flyleaf" moves to the label "J - Records", concluded the contract between the two companies: "J - Records", "RCA" and "Octone Records".Responsibilities distributor of musical production groups, including the Christian retail chains took over the label "SRE Recordings".

In mid-April, the band "Flyleaf" first performed on television, in the program Daily Download TV channel Fuse, where the band played two of his main hit "I`m So Sick" and "All Around Me",and July 10 "of Flyleaf" once again demonstrated its "live" performance on television in the Jimmy Kimmel Live. Later, the team made a number of tours in the company of P.O.D., Seether, Shinedown and many other groups.

Participating in tours

In summer 2006, the band played on the main stage of the famous Family Values ?? Tour, along with Korn,Deftones, Stone Sour, Deadsy, 10 Years and Bullets and Octane, and at the end of the year took part in a round of Music as a Weapon, which was held with the participation of Disturbed, Stone Sour and Nonpoint. During the tour, the band released an exclusive EP, which was sold under the name of Music as a Weapon EP.

The following year,the team played a tour with Three Days Grace, and as noted by the Australian Festival The Soundwave Festival, in which took part Thrice, 18 Visions and many others. "Flyleaf" The group also toured Europe in company with Stone Sour and Forever Never. In spring 2007 ,the band held their own round of Justice and Mercy which company they were Skillet, Dropping Daylight, Sick Puppies, Kill Hannah and Resident Hero. Flyleaf again joined the Family Values ??Tour in 2007.

Their video "I`m So Sick" lit up in the film Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4.0) a remix of the song "I`m So Sick" entered the soundtrack to Resident Evel: Extinction (Resident Evil 3) .

Just Flyleaf recorded the song "Tina", which was presented at the time of the release of the video game Guitar Hero 3.

October 30, 2007 came the publication of Flyleaf expanded version of the album,which in addition to small changes in the songs, as well included the acoustic version of "Fully Alive", "Red Sam", "Cassie", "I`m So Sick" and "All Around Me". Included with the disc also entered a DVD with video clips and acoustic songs. On the same day on iTunes a new EP, titled Much Like Falling EP.It includes the lyrics: "Much Like Falling", an acoustic version of "Supernatural", as well as the song "Tina" and "Justice and Mercy". Flyleaf participated together with Korn tour Bitch We Have a Problem in early 2008. After that the band went on tour with Seether.

The second album

Currently,"Flyleaf" musicians busy working on writing material for their new album, tentatively is scheduled for release early next year.

A couple of new songs, which may become part of a new longpleyya, namely "Again" and "Have We Lost" could be heard in the concerts of the group during the tour Justice and Mercy.


Liesl Mosley - vocalsSameer Bhattacharya - guitar

Jared Hartmann - guitar

Pat Seals - bass

James Culpepper -shock

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