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Despite the fact that at the beginning of their career the band released a neat thrash albums, she received recognition for the fact that it started out Jason Newsted, the future " metallikovets ". And I formed this team from Arizona in the early 80s for the second wave of thrash metal. It was called at first "Dogz", but then changed the sign to "Flotsam and jetsam". Also Newsted in its original lineup also included guitarist Michael Gilbert and Edward Carlson, vocalist Eric Knatson and drummer Kelly David -Smith. By subscribing to the "Metal Blade Records" "Flotsam and jetsam" debuted in 1986 with a powerful album "Doomsday For The Deceiver".

The team had a good chance to repeat the success of " Metallica ", but he just lost Cliff Burton, and Newsted took his place. It was a significant loss for "Flotsam and jetsam",because Jason was the main composer of the group. True, " of Metallica " in some way compensated for his abduction, signed " Flotsamov " to his label "Elektra".

Flotsam and jetsam, but with the vacancy had to do something, and the hole is temporarily plugged with the help of Phil Rind "Sacred reich". Then took place bassist Mike Spencertake part in a European tour group, where she warmed up "Megadeth". However, this fellow could not fit into the team, and in early 1988 it was replaced by Troy Gregory. second album, "No Place For Disgrace" was recorded with him, inferior in quality to its predecessor ,and the only highlight of which was a cover of "Saturday Night`s Alright For Fighting" by Elton John. In the same year, the team had a good tour with "King Diamond", but sensed the loss of prospects of "Electra" terminated the contract.

More than a year before "Flotsam and jetsam" could find a new patron in the face of "MCA records".On the label, the band released three albums, each of which is degraded in comparison with its predecessor. Meanwhile, Gregory managed to knock in "Prong", and was replaced by Jason Ward. By 1997, the team returned to the "Metal Blade", then released "High" disc.Flotsam and jetsam The album was markedly different from previous releases vluchshuyu side - it sounded Solid metal. By the way, the name of the second album, "It`s Metal so fuck off!", Really it was not an exaggeration. However, after this success, the stability of the composition was again broken. First left, David Smith, who left his drums Craig NielsonAnd soon was replaced by Gilbert Mark Simpson. The latter, however, was away briefly in "Lynch mob", but returned to "Flotsam and jetsam" in 2000. In his absence, guitarist function again performed Gilbert.

In 2001, the band released the album "My God", was the last work with vocalist Eric Knatsonom. The thing is,Eric is so carried away country and their side project "The A.K. Corral", that cut short his 20 - year experience in "Flotsam". He tried to replace James Rivera (ex- "Destiny`s end" and "Helstar"). With him the team had to warm up the Swiss "Krokus", but Rivera before it set sail in "Seven witches",and due to the lack of frontman tour had to be canceled.

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Flotsam And Jetsam photo
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