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American judge ; in due time she became the first woman on the Supreme Court and one of the two women, who were able to break into the office of a federal judge. Born Florence Allen in Salt Lake City, Utah (Salt Lake City, Utah), in the family of a miner (and later - a member of the House of Representatives) Clarence Emir Allen, Sr. (Clarence Emir Allen, Sr) and his wife Corinne Marie (Corinne Marie) . After some time, the family moved to Cleveland (Cleveland); Cleveland and passed his early years, Florence. From his father, Allen had inherited a love of foreign languages - as a teenager through the efforts of her father, she knew good Greek and Latin. Loved Florence also poetry and music ; in fact, the latest craze was in it so much that she even decided to study music at the university. Unfortunately,these plans were not destined to come true - a trauma forever forced Florence to forget about the pianist `s career. Some time Allen worked as a music critic ; later it woke up interest in the law and policy.

In 1908, Florence received a master`s degree of political science ; Unfortunately,to study law was not so easy - the Law Faculty of her alma mater, Case Western Reserve University (Western Reserve University), while the girls did not take. However, just as Allen could not stop - it is a time attended special courses on a year spent in the walls of the University of Chicago (University of Chicago),and then moved to New York University (New York University). She received a degree in 1913 ; in 1914 she was able to pass the exam for the right to practice law in Ohio (Ohio).

Of course, once Florence`s success was not achieved - for the first month Allen has earned only $ 25, which was barely enough to rent an office and two chairs ;even a typewriter Florence had to borrow from friends. Allen, however, is actively recruiting experience - even free, charitable projects ; while it is most interested in the problem of equality between men and women. Allen has been an active member of the party suffragettes - and as far as possible trying to change local laws in accordance with the tenets of the party. Pretty active and Florence fought for peace ; for her it was a matter to some extent personal - both of her brothers died during the First World War.

In 1920, Allen became a judge. During his first term, it took a decision on the nearly 900 cases. The hardest part, of course, was a matter of gangster Frank Motto (Frank Motto). Many feared that the woman judge and jury, woman can endure excessively lenient sentence - because of its feminine emotionality ; however,These fears were not realized - Motte for robbery and double murder went to the electric chair.

In 1922, Florence was elected to the Supreme Court of Ohio (Ohio Supreme Court); in 1928, Allen was re-elected. Honesty and fairness Florence impressed many ; more public liked it ,Allen was not afraid to take tough decisions openly - and even impose the death penalty.

In March 1935, Franklin Roosevelt (Franklin D. Roosevelt) translated Allen Court of Appeals Sixth Circuit (Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit). Many believe that Florence became the first woman to rise to the level of a federal judge; this, however,not true - even in 1928, it managed to do Genevieve Cline (Genevieve R. Cline).

Unfortunately, in 1939, held in Allen failed Supreme Court ; ended in failure and the next attempt. Florence, however, did not lose heart - the struggle for women`s rights and for peace took up a lot of time. When Harry Truman (Harry S.Truman) supporters once again attempted to Allen in the Supreme Court ; alas, Truman did not approve of this idea. The point here is clearly not in the professional qualification of Florence - the president is embarrassed of her sex ; No wonder its list of candidates for the post of federal judges consisted entirely of men - and women only after protestpoliticians list was supplemented Burnitoy Shelton Matthews (Burnita Shelton Matthews). Career Florence Allen, meanwhile, stalled until th 1958; in 1959, former judge retired, retaining, however, his title of Chief Judge of Appeals Sixth Circuit Court and, if necessary, the right to return to work. Florence continued to be actively engaged in social activities and more ; along with numerous public appearances she was working on an autobiography, eventually published in 1965. In the mid-60s she began to have serious health problems after hip fracture.

Died Florence Ellinvud Allen of September 13, 1966 - th ,in Mentor, Ohio (Mentor, Ohio) - where she lived with a distant relative after the retirement. At the time of the death of Florence Allen was 82 years old

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