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Date of Birth: 06/10/1897

Age: 93

Place of birth: Easton

Citizenship: United States


Clintonite born in Easton, Pennsylvania (Easton, Pennsylvania). As a teenager, she was fond of reading biographies of great scientists; Read it and inspired it to the pursuit of science. As a child, Florence caught polio; disease has made her lame, limp but this especially in her career is not affected.

She studied in Florence Goucher College (Goucher College); later she received a PhD in biochemistry Sciences - already at Yale (Yale University). In the Yale Florence studied intravenous milk proteins and developed a method for the conservation of these proteins from bacterial contamination.

In 1923 clintonite worked in the University of Chicago (University of Chicago); sponsored her studies Porter Foundation - part of the American Philosophical Society (Porter Fellowship of the American Philosophical Society).

From 1924 till 1928 th Florence clintonite taught at the University of Chicago pathological anatomy; in 1928 she was given the position of assistant professor of biochemistry. It was at the University of Chicago, Florence, who worked under the Esmond Long (Esmond R. Long), has developed an improved skin test for tuberculosis. The result of the practical application of this method was the purified protein derivative - presently used In standard tests for tuberculosis. Previous test protein isolated yet Robert Koch (Robert Koch), a frequency not extremely and as a result, occasionally gave false-negative results.

In 1932, Florence clintonite became an assistant professor at the Institute of Biochemistry, Henry Phipps, University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania at the Henry Phipps Institute); after some time clintonite first became a full professor, and then - an honorary professor.

In 1959, Florence had gone to bed; however, and in retirement she continued to engage in clinical trials. Among other things, clintonite very active - and completely voluntary - engaged in cancer research. During his scientific career, Florence has received a lot of all sorts of bonuses - like medals Trudeau Medal from the National TB Association (National Tuberculosis Association) and Francis Garvan Medal (Francis P. Garvan) of the American Chemical Society (American Chemical Society). In 1990, Florence was incorporated into the National Women`s Hall of Fame (National Women`s Hall of Fame).

Died Florence clintonite August 23, 1991; at the time of death, she was 93 years old.

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