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Death metal band "Fleshcrawl" was formed in the spring of 1987 Stefan

Hanus and Bastian Herzog. Initially, the team was called

"Morgoth", until 1990, when they began to be referred to as

"Suffocation". After recording their first demo "Festering Flesh" musicians vnovmenyayut namethey become "Fleshcrawl" from now on.

In 1991, the band released EP "Lost in a Grave" label for "Morbid

Records ", and a year later signed a contract with the label " Black Mark

Production ". In June 1992 "Fleshcrawl" recorded their debut album,

"Descend into the Absurd" on "Montezuma Studio" Studio in Stockholm. In 1993 he released another album, "Impurity" in the studio Dan Swano

"Unisound Studio". The album received positive feedback muzykalnyhkritikov. Later, they lived up to their expectations, revealing itself in

"Easter Bash Tour` 95 " performing on the same stage with the titans of metal, such as

"Deicide", "Cathedral" and "Brutal Truth".In December 1995, the musicians "Fleshcrawl" recorded and released their tretiyalbom "Bloodsoul". After two years spent in touring tours ipodgotovke new material, the band released their fourth album "Bloodred

Massacre " written on " Abyss Studios Studio ", the owner of which yavlyaetsyane bezizvestny Peter Tagtgren (Hypocricy, Pain).After recording the fourth album, the band "Fleshcrawl" prekraschayutsotrudnichestvo with the label "Black Mark Production" in 1998. In the same four-week godukollektiv he made a European tour together with "Vader" and

"Kataklysm". Musicians also took part in various festivals, performing with "Cannibal Corpse" and "Dark Funeral".Upon returning from the tour the band signed with the label

"Metal Blade Records" and in January 2000 released a new album "As

Blood Rains from the Sky - We Walk The Path Of Endless Fire ", recorded nastudii " Fredman Studios ".In June 2000, "Fleshcrawl" went to another European tursovmestno with "Vader" and "Vital Remains". During the summer prinyaliuchastie musicians in various festivals, including the "Czech Dynamo Festival" and

"Summer Breeze Festival".Later, the band started recording new material for the upcoming kvyhodu second album for the label "Metal Blade Records". In January 2001 godagruppa acted jointly with "Bolt Thrower", in their concert tour on

Germany and the Netherlands. The next few months, the group has focused nazapisi works of the new album "Soulskinner".

In June 2001 a group of "Fleshcrawl" joined the tour "Torture-Tour" vpodderzhku commands "Six Feet Under", and later they performed at the festival

"Party-San Open Air", held in Germany, in August.In September 2001, the musicians arrived at the studio "Studio Underground", to record their sixth album Soulskinner.

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