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John 00 Fleming his professional DJ career began with a residency at legendary Stern`s Nightclub in Worthing in 1984, while still a schoolboy.

With the development of dance culture all the time growing demand for professional DJs. In this way, work John`a have had no problems. In 1987, he had already been in Ibiza,and later stood on a par with such stars as Carl Cox, and Grooverider.

Fleming`a can be called one of the frontman of dance culture. He was a member of the cohort of the people, by which new music is spreading around the world, and DJs became superstars. After a rough start John`u had to suspend its activities due to health problems.For three years he spent in Florida, going through treatment. After returning for turntables Flemming became recognizable again.

Pearl career came with the start of residency in the famous club Zap Club. It is thanks to him that John was a booking in the world`s leading clubs, including Ministry Of Sound, Passion, twisted, form-fitting ,The Rock, inside, Knotty good, Guvernment (Toronto) and the Dance Valley (Amsterdam). In November, 99 - year Flemming was named the magazine Muzik DJ month.

In 2001, John became a weekly residency at Club Golden Stoke City in Manchester.

His residence he combined with regular performances of the TOP- clubs of England -; Gatecrasher,Gods Kitchen and Cream, constantly touring Europe, the US, Australia and Asia. In Release Club (San Francisco), he also became a resident.

John 00 Fleming is also a radio DJ, leading his own show at the Surf Wave 107. His mixes sounded in such programs people like Pete Tong, Danny Rampling, Graham Gold,as well as several radio show on Kiss FM.

Flemming`a talent spread including writing and remix songs. His two singles out on React Music - is "on Alpha 5 " and "Lost In Emotion". The third single, "Free", hit the Top 40 national charts in Britain. The assets John`a remixes for artists such as Erasure, Gloria Estefan, Mansun and Junior Vasquez,as well as work for the labels Additive, Hook, Perfecto and 4D. E

In 2000 John released to mix the album "For Your Ears Only", based on the success of the track "Licence To Thrill" (Automatic Records). He is always attentive to everything that happens in the underground- scene,and all the flavor of what is happening is trying to convey in their works. In August 2001 Flemming released a double mix, which includes tracks in dark style, which previously could not be written to Euphoira because of conceptual differences.In 2002john released a remix of the anthem of the dance culture of the 90`s "Cafe Del Mar" by Energy 52

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