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Year of birth : 1986

Age: 29 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


In June 1986 the band played their first show ;by the end of the year they had recorded their first album, `Ragin`, Full On`.

`Firehose` (the name is often written as ` fIREHOSE`) - alternative rock band. In part it consisted of bassist - vocalist Mike Watt (Mike Watt), guitarist - vocalist Ed Crawford (Ed Crawford) and drummer George Hurley (George Hurley).

The group was formed in the spring of 1986. Shortly before the tragic death of D. Boon (D. Boon) has led to the collapse of the previous group Watt and Hurley, `Minutemen`. The tragedy is so crippled and Mike George, that they even considered to leave music completely ; Fortunately,Ed Crawford - at that time who had studied at the University of Ohio (Ohio State University) and former ardent fan of `Minutemen` - persuaded them to continue playing. It happened almost by accident - fellow students who knew about the enthusiasm Crawford told him that Watt and Hurley allegedly picked up the new guitarist for the band.Ed found in the telephone directory telephone Watt and invited to demonstrate their skills. Mike still was in a deep depression, so that the proposal Crawford had not caused much enthusiasm. Ed, however, proved to be extremely persistent ; when he appeared without warning before Mike personally ,Watt gave in and agreed to hear Crawford. At an impromptu audition Crawford sang `I`m One` group ` The Who` and several songs `Minutemen`. Nested in the game Ed and his passion for the incredible enthusiasm of Watt fell to taste ; exactly what a group of `Firehose` was created. Crawford moved to San Pedro (San Pedro);next 9 months he lived literally under the table in a studio apartment Watt.

In June 1986 the band played their first show ; by the end of the year they had recorded their first album, `Ragin`, Full On`. The album under an independent label `SST`.In the same year he joined the `Firehose` ` Sonic Youth` in a tour `Flaming Telepaths Tour`.

Pretty soon the band were fans ; for the most part they belonged to the local underground. Especially popular `Firehose` enjoyed at skateboarders - largely due to the fact that a number of their early songs at the end of 80-x used in skate videos.

During 7.5 years of work, the group has developed its own style, quite radically different from the style of `Minutemen` - though basically had all the same fusion of funk, punk and jazz. The band toured ; almost everywhere they collected a full house. A total of `Firehose` played 980 concerts,We recorded 5 albums and 2 EP. His last concert the band gave February 12, 1994 the first in the `Warner Grand Theatre` in San Pedro.

After the collapse of the group of musicians parted ways - although fate again and again brings them together. Mike Watt has released four solo albums and has worked with a diverse range of projects - including ,George Hurley and his former wife, bassist `Black Flag` Rossler Kira (Kira Roessler). Lives Watt all in San Pedro. The San Pedro is home to George Hurley - are also actively engaged in music as a part of a variety of groups to this day.

Crawford also did not waste time in vain ; replacing a number of groups, he settled in Pittsburgh ,Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), which is now working with `Ed Crawford Trio`.

Watt, Hurley and Crawford went totally peacefully ; as a consequence, a group of fans did not stop to talk about a possible reunion of their idols. In an interview with `The Village Voice` Mike Watt acknowledged that it is able to work again with Crawford and Hurley. 4-On January 2012, the magazine `Verbicide` said that in Sacramento, California (Sacramento, California) is still the 29th of December of 2011 it was announced about the upcoming concert of ` Firehose`. It is expected that the concert will be held on April 5 of 2012

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