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American industrial project "Filter" was born as a duo : Brian Layzgeng (Programming, guitar, keyboards, drums) and Richard Patrick (vocals, guitar, bass, programming, percussion) . While Patrick vosmidorozhechnoy experimented in the studio in his hometown of Cleveland, Leyzgeng received philosophical degree in the University of Chicago and at the same fun in the studio, which was next to the possessions of the Bob Moog (the inventor of the modern synthesizer) . Later, the guys met through a mutual friend,and the decision to engage in joint activities matured in their heads during a trip to the Grand Canyon.

In the summer of 1994, "Filter" started to record their first album, and by the end of the year the work was completed. The CD was released in 1995 on the "Reprise records", and produced his Ben Grosse ("Jane`s addiction", "Red hot chili peppers").To the surprise success of the musicians I was not slow in coming, and the opening track "Hey man, nice shot" became a hit. Subsequently, the aggressive industrial thing heard in the soundtrack of "The cable guy". Brian and

Richard were not limited to the activities of the studio and put together a concert configuration "Filter",Includes Geno Lenardo (guitar) , Matt Walker (drums) and Frank Kavanagh (bass) . As such, the team toured until August 1996, and then Walker went into "Smashing pumpkins".

A little over a year, and the team has left one of its founders, Brian Layzgeng, desired to pursue a solo career. Incidentally,Patrick was not there to "Filter" in the same year as he worked with the "Crystal method" on the soundtrack to the film "Spawn". The second " filtered " studio work came only after a couple of years. In addition, Richard Patrick (vocals, guitar) above it worked Geno Lenardo (guitar) , Frank Kavanagh (bass) and Steve Gillis (drums) . The efforts of the musicians were not in vain, and the album was a success, not only in America but also in many other countries (for example, the 75 - th place in England and 12th - in New Zealand) . In the end, "Title Of Record" has gained deserved platinum status. Of all the tracks on the disc is clearly stood out sad and melodious composition "Take a picture", which became a hit. The tour in support of the album lasted for two years, during which the "Filter" has traveled four continents. However, after returning home to musicians did not have long to rest, and soon they started work on their third album.

The new CD got a funny name "Amalgamut" (from the "amalgamation" - " association" and "mutt" - " dunce ") ,in Russian roughly means " union dunce ". In the studio, in addition to " filtrovschikov " we were all the same producer and sound designer Ben Gross Rae Dileo. The whole company did their best, and came to being in July 2002, "Amalgamut" has taken a worthy 32 th place in the charts "Billboard".

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