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Phillip Berg was born in the 20s of the 20th century in New Yorke.On grew up in a religious Hasidic family. He attended Yeshiva "vDaat Thor" and "Lakewood", where he received the title of rabbi in 1951.

He decided not to practice a rabbi, and went into business.

In 1962, during a visit to Israel, Rabbi Philip Berg met a Kabbalist Yehuda Brandwein (student of the famous Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag), and became his disciple.

Phillip Berg was 7 years old disciple Yehuda Brandwein. (1962-1968).

In his books he wrote Berg [1] that he did not have the predisposition to the study of Kabbalah. His initial decision to study Kabbalah, he explained the peculiar impression that is made upon him by his teacher. And only beginning to study Kabbalah Phillip Berg felt that what he lacked in yeshiva, (he said) the Kabbalah books attracted him like a magnet.

Comprehending the secrets of Kabbalah led by Brandwein Phillip Berg (according to him) has radically revised its view on the relationships between people.

Born in ultroreligioznoy Jewish family and grew up in an atmosphere of alienation from the non-religious Jews and non-Jews, he watched in amazement as his teacher has a very warm friendship with simple non-religious people.

In the preface to the book Yedid Nafshi (.. The natural one is written in Hebrew Collection letters Yehuda Brandwein with notes Yehuda Berg) recalls Berg as his teacher kept repeating to him: "Look not on the cover of the jug and its contents," [1] Yehuda Brandwein left our the world in 1968, and shortly before he appointed Phillip Berg svoimpreemnikom.

In one of his last letters to him, he wrote:

"Now, after you became the head of Yeshivas Kol Yehuda, whose aim is to spread the Kabbalah as a means of regular students, as well as through the publication ... I consider it my duty to explain to your goals Yeshiva ... which has existed for more than 40ka year ... and was founded by a small group of headed by the Baal HaSulam (Yehuda Ashlag) "

Set the goal to achieve the spread of the Kabbalah, which, in his opinion, improves people`s lives, Philip Berg has made significant progress.

In 1971, Phillip Berg, the first time opened the doors of the Center for the study of Kabbalah to everyone Izraile.V in 1984 opened the first branch of the Center of studying Kabbalah in 2002 SSHA.V studying Kabbalah Centre has opened its office in Moscow.

Despite considerable criticism from many orthodox rabbis who study the Kabbalah Centre has today about 50 regional offices.

According to data published on the official website of the Centre since the early `70s there were trained 3.4 million people. Center for the Study of Kabbalah also enjoys considerable popularity among show business figures.

Because with the disease in 2004, the study of the Kabbalah Centre leadership passed to Philip Berg`s disciples, including his sons Yehuda and Michael.

Phillip Berg`s books and his sons

Philip Berg and his sons were the authors of more than 30 books on Kabbalah.

In Russian were published:

The Power of Kabbalah Yehuda Berg

The power of the One ISBN

Zohar. Pinchas ISBN

Miracles and mysteries of prayer

The strength of the Alphabet