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Phil Bosmans: "Time is money -" - it is a lie to people infarction

You can not buy happiness. Fortunately

- Judging by the title of your books - "Speak Life" Yes "," Find the time to be happy, "" Do not forget about the joy "- you probably know this recipe of happiness?

- As much as it may sound naive, a person initially has everything to be happy. Only we have completely forgotten about it. We`re all mixed up. The Pursuit of Happyness it trampled. After all, the most important things in the world are given to us for free. We need only open our eyes and open the heart to understand and see it. And it takes time, which we never have enough. "Time is money -" - it is a lie to people infarction. Man is born to love and joy. And we have these words gradually become archaisms. Their use is increasingly goes to the sublime, and the very concepts in real life is increasingly identified with the area of ??the material, that is, happiness - is when you have everything. And all this - not a specific list of all the available material goods. For their sake, the man is ready for a great deal: the range is huge. But happiness can not be bought. Fortunately. There are so many things in our life that has given to us for free, and then we just do not notice it. "When the fish is sent on a journey through his life, the last thing she opens it, - it is water."

- And you - a happy person?

- Be happy - it is largely due to gratitude. And my gratitude - is limitless. When, after two years spent bedridden in complete isolation as on a desert island on your feet to go outside, you will never forget the feeling that the world around - it`s a miracle. I was 32 years old when I became seriously ill. I was young, full of enthusiasm and wanted to change the world. "Now all is lost - I thought then - this is the end." Two years later, the doctors said that I`ll stay for life miserable cripple. Compared to this it was really nothing though chto-to. But gradually I was getting better and better. And to this day I am very grateful to "incubation period" - a time full of suffering, I learned about God is much more than in all the years of study at the Faculty of Theology. I accept life with joy and gratitude for each moment I lived and for what it is - all the details. This is happiness - when life is fun.

For what? Why would I?

- Unfortunately, not all, trapped in a difficult situation, may find the strength to treat it as a good ...

- Often we take for misfortune that they did not. In fact, the so-called difficulties of life 90% of people creates itself, and then heroically overcomes tragedy or suffering because of their invincibility. At the same time we have so easily arises immune to the suffering of others .... Therefore, their own misery we give full unspent and most painfully tormented question: "Why?" And "Why me?" ...

- And yet - why?

- It is very important to understand that in every life there is a "cross". And it needs to carry, otherwise it will crush you. Even in the darkest night you can see - even if through a veil of tears - the stars. I know it, I realized that all his life, yes, you need to take your "cross", but no matter how difficult it may be, the cross - a plus sign. And there is a deeper meaning.

- Oh, it`s hard to find meaning in illness, for example ...

- You know, a few years ago it happened to me this story. I had to go to a meeting in Munster, Germany, to speak there at a meeting of "Union without a name." But kto-to programmed my life a different way: instead of the meeting, I got into a huge hospital, I stuck a needle in the arm, in the nose - a thin tube bed body kit kakimi-to plastic bags, and thrust me every day in kakoy-to large medical device. What happened to me just did! It is called - "a stroke." My whole right half paralyzed ... I`m not that was not ready. Gde-to I even knew that sooner or later it will happen, but it seemed to me that it is better to be "too late" ... And then I, too, was moved inside the question, "Why me?" - But then he turned to the other "and why should not I, in fact? .." was it God`s will? My`s will here certainly was not! But maybe I needed God just at the moment and it is in this hospital? Perhaps, in order that I could be here near the heartbroken Heidi, whose husband committed suicide? So I was near the terminally ill Sylvain in his last days? .. I do not know. But one thing I am convinced that everything has meaning, even in the fact that at first glance seems a complete nonsense. Just sometimes you have to look for it for a long time ...

Woe - is not a disease

- I know that all your fees for the published books, you immediately give. Who, if not secret?

- I`m always happy to use them to help people. Once - a long time - met a girl on the street, rain fell, she cried - did not know where to go, could not return home because her husband beat. I thought that, perhaps, is not she alone is in such situations. And that was the impetus for the creation of the women`s house, where the women come when they have nowhere else to go, and the men under any circumstances is not informed where their wives or girlfriends, as long as they themselves do not want to. We also built a hostel for those just released from prison and has not yet found a job. Then - "The bar with no beer" - for ex-alcoholics, so that they, on the one hand, felt by ordinary people sitting in a cafe, and on the other - do not be tempted iz-za that kto-to drinking alcohol before their eyes. There are a lot of useful things, which you can spend the money ...

- And you yourself that they - did not need?

- I`m not a poor man, and is not rich. I am a happy man. I live in the convent, I had a lovely room - as much as 12 meters, a lovely sofa. And if I am ill and I need help, I help. What more could be needed?

- Did you ever in your life cases when you handle the problem people, and you do not know what to answer?

- Well, let`s start with the fact that now, unfortunately, people almost do not go to the priest. They would rather go to a psychiatrist .... To cure them. For a very large amount of money. Although grief, pain, confusion - it is not a disease ... Of course, often treated with intractable situations, thinking that I have kakoy-to secret key to all problems. But I have no such key. And I always say: I suggest, support, encourage, and - as a priest - to forgive. People in this too often in need. But life still have each for itself the most.

- Yes, but there are many other people, and not always they might have a good - no matter how "gold" you are.

- You should begin still always with you. Look around. Sometimes just something and you need that to stop, slow down. See how many miracles around us, to see the man in person. Very often we just not up to it. People moved away from each other millions of light years. Ran working elbows and see on your way only barrier. And sometimes all life is put on it, to take the barrier. We are very busy: the search for sustenance, political debates, and most importantly in "our difficult times" - the struggle for survival. Alas, it often turns into a survival of the other ... this life. Think about it: when we hear talk - on the street, in public transport, at work - often gets the impression that all of humanity is composed of Sinister colleagues and superiors-fools, bad husbands and wives and neighbors envious. But at the funeral and wake convinced that in the world there are no bad people. Think, and yet someone could say good words - even during his lifetime. Bring flowers to bring joy - before you bring them to his grave ... Remember, every day of our life becomes shorter by one day. There are things that can not be forgotten. If, for example, never for a moment forget that you have a heart, and see in every man coming to meet, perhaps, would not have been so much suffering in the land ...


At one time, Phil Bosmans created the first in Belgium haven for those who, for reasons kakim-libo was on the street without a roof over your head - a social institution "People in Need". Then came the telephone service "Vitamins for your heart", which called for 600 people a day, often requiring just a kind word.