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Year of birth : 2012

Age: 3 years

Citizenship : United States

Finalists of the second season of X-Factor

During appearances on the show group Fifth Harmony had to change the name twice. This did not prevent the girls reach the final - where, however, they are waiting for just the third place in the overall standings.

Fifth Harmony - American group, the participants of the second season of the American television project `X-Factor`.The group consisted of 5 girls aged 16 to 20 years. Known primarily for its vocal numbers.

The oldest member of the 5 Fifth Harmony was Mexican ` Elli` Allison Brooke Hernandez (Allyson` Ally` Brooke Hernandez); She was born on July 7, 1993 in San Antonio, Texas (San Antonio, Texas). knownthat the birth of a girl weighing 850 grams absolutely incredible ; many doctors do not believe that

Ellie to survive, but it proved to be a real fighter and managed to survive the dangerous period.

Norman Hamilton Corday (Normani Kordei Hamilton) was born May 31, 1996, Mr. Houston, Texas (Houston, Texas).In many ways, Corday is perhaps the most prominent member of the group ; actively engaged in singing, gymnastics, dancing and ballet, she was able to achieve impressive results. With a relatively young age Corday performed at state level beauty contests ; she managed to get to the very end ,however, instead of participating in the final of the Norman went to `The X-Factor`. Certain problems have caused a close relationship Corday and act solo category for teens Erin Ray (Arin Ray); part of the organizers said that the existence of relations of this kind contradicts the rules of the contest. Lauren Mitchell Huregi (Lauren Michelle Jauregui) was born on 27 June 1996, and Camila Cabello Carla (Karla Camila Cabello) - March 3, 1997 and ; This couple came to the group from Miami, Florida (Miami, Florida). Last participant, Dina Jane Hansen (Dinah Jane Hansen) from Santa Ana, California (Santa Ana, California), was born on 22 June 1997,. Dean comes from a rather unusual family - in her house four bedrooms have lived at the same time 23 people, and she was the eldest of Dean`s 15 grandchildren of the family head. In comparison, the same family of Lauren - the former, as we know, the eldest of 3 children - looks pretty convincing.

Initially, the group was called LYLAS; name,however, it had to change - in a show attended another group with the same name, which accused Brooke and her comrades in the theft of names. Changed the name of the girl in the 1432 ; Simon Cowell later invited them to give up the name - too many digits were in the names of the groups at the time. In the end, the right to rename the group got the audience the show ;by them and Fifth Harmony phrase was chosen.

November 1, 2012., before the second renaming, hosted the first live show band ; where girls performed `Skyscraper` Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato). The second concert went to the 7th of November of 2012 ; this time the group has already received a final name ,performed with `A Thousand Years` Christina Perry (Christina Perri), known to the public in the film ` Twilight. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1` (`The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part`). At the end of that week, the group went to the 5th place in the overall standings. After the third concert of the girls fell in the ranking by one position down - with the song Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey) `Hero`.

The fall in the ranking group went further - after the 4th show and the song The Pretenders `I`ll Stand by You` they were already on the 7th position. 5-th presentation for the group was associated with a serious challenge - shortly before the show died Hernandez `s grandfather. As a consequence, the girls decided to perform a concert `Stronger` Kelly Clarkson (Kelly Clarkson) - devoted to the late formulation. Performance proved to be successful - the girls climbed in the ranking to fourth position.Later Hernandez for a while left the show - it was necessary to attend the funeral.

On the next contest the group performed two songs -

`Set Fire to the Rain` Adele (Adele) and ` Give Your Heart a Break` Demi Lovato. Alas, this time they showed was a poor result ;Group hit the ` worst paru` and was forced to take part in the competition for the knockout. Fifth Harmony Acted against Diamond White with the song Mariah Carey `Anytime You Need a Friend`. Girls are lucky - they were back in the top four rankings.In the semi-final group performed `Anything Could Happen` Ellie Goulding (Ellie Goulding) and ` Impossible` Shontell (Shontelle). The first issue voskhitilslushateley - the judges said that the girls were at the level of the final submission ; the second number was less fortunate - the jury did not like that girl again used the song ,which is performed at a preliminary hearing in the house Koeulla. In the final Fifth Harmony yet passed ; Unfortunately, here they had to settle for only the third place after the first round of speeches. It did not help win any girls again performed `Anything Could Happen`, or also already sounded in the show ` Give Your Heart a Break`

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