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"Fifth angel" was one of the many metal bands, which, in spite of the good inclinations, never destined to reach a "star" status.One of the founders of the group was a talented guitarist James Bird.Etot guy started to seriously learn your instrument on the day of death of the great Hendrix. At first James he was fond of the blues, and then went in a heavier direction, focusing on the work of "Scorpions" and "UFO". For a while the guitarist held in Los Angeles, gaining experience. In late 1982, Byrd returned to his native Seattle, where at that time ruled the ball "Queensryche".

To make them compete, James decided to put together their own band and found like-minded people for the job in the face of the singer Ted Pilot and drummer Ken Mary. Thus was born the group "Fifth angel",whose name guys borrowed from the Bible istoriy.Sostav team was beefed up with guitarist Ed Archer and John basushnikom Mako.

Fifth angel: James ByrdOkolo, the musicians went to rehearsals, writing and running their own material. And at the end of 1983, with the help of Terry Deyta "Steve Lawson production" " Angels " recorded a demo ,consisting of four songs ("Fade to flames", " Fifth Angel", "In the fallout ," " Wings of Destiny") . Rastirazhirovali film in an amount of one hundred copies, sent by - record companies, and waited for the results. The first to respond to the demo properly, became the leader of "Shrapnel Records" Mike Varney. And although they record the debut album were allocated little money, the musicians yet signed a contract.

"Fifth angel" simply added to the existing five demo songs straight from the tin, and thus was born the self-titled album. Reviews on the plate were very positive,and the group offered its services solid managerial company "Concrete marketing and management". Fifth angelOdnako deal with this company was not entirely successful, as managers betting on major label, too ztyanuli negotiations. "Fifth angel" found themselves in limbo, and, taking advantage of the moment ,James Beard pulled free bread. Finally, in the autumn of 1987, the band signed a contract with the firm "Epic records", which is in a slightly amended form re-released debut album, " Fifth of angels. " Renewal of the record was received very well and led the charts "Billboard" 13 weeks.His second album, "Fifth angel" was recorded with new guitarist named Kendall Bechtel. And although the "Time will tell" the quality is not much different from its predecessor, the disc sales were disappointing.

The team began confusion, and soon broke up the team. Out of all of its members are most fortunate to Ken Marywho had the honor to play with Alice Cooper and "House of lords". At the beginning of the new millennium, among the fans of "Fifth angel" persistently rumored reunion of your favorite band, but they did not materialize.

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