Ferdinand Wolf

Picture of Ferdinand Wolf

Citizenship: Russia


Born in Moscow. Lutheran. Father - the titular counselor, pharmacist Bogdan Hristianovich Wolff (in 1827 he is 80 years). He was educated in a private school under the new Lutheran Church in Moscow in 1810 from the volunteers is defined in the number of volunteers at the medical unit in the Moscow branch of Medico-Surgical Academy, during the war of 1812 "voluntarily was to care for the wounded in Kasimov military temporary hospital," released candidate at the medical unit with awarding a silver medal - 08.25.1814, defined in Kovel military hospital - 17.09.1814, after its destruction transferred to the military hospital Lutsk - 12/16/1814, 1 promoted to doctors offices and placed on a 2 healer okladmladshego class - 15.9 .1815, defined in 45 -20.6.1816 Jager regiment, transferred to 28 Jaeger regiment - 10/03/1817, placed on the salary of a junior doctor class 1 - 04.10.1817, defined for the position of senior doctor grade 2 16 artillery brigade - 16.10.1818 , seniority promoted to head doctors with seniority from 09.15.1818 - 15.01.1819, for "diligent service" was awarded the Order of Vladimir 4 tbsp. - 07/13/1821, appointed a doctor at a field general headquarters, 2 army doctor - 08/22/1822, collegiate assessor - 01/17/1824.

Member of the Union of prosperity (1820) and the Southern Society.

The order for the arrest - 30/12/1825, arrested on 6/1/1826 in the 2 Army, delivered to St. Petersburg field gendarmerie sergeant Holmyshevym naglavnuyu guardhouse - 14/01/1826, and from there transferred to the Peter and Paul Fortress in