Ferdinand Buisson

Picture of Ferdinand Buisson

Date of Birth: 12/20/1841

Age: 90

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France


Ferdinand Buisson (Buisson) was born December 20, 1841 in Paris, died on February 16, 1932, ibid.

In 1879-96 director of primary education in France. With a name associated Bryuissona school late 19th century reform. (Preparation of laws 80th. Of free compulsory primary education, etc.).

At the initiative of two Buisson higher normal schools and introduced reading pedagogy courses on several humanities departments were organized.

Buisson From 1896 headed the department of pedagogy at the Sorbonne. On his initiative was established Teaching. Museum. In 1902-24Byuisson member of parliament (fraction Radical Socialist). One of the founders of the "League of Human Rights." The Nobel Peace Prize (1927).

In his books, articles and speeches Buisson justified the separation of school and church (school of "neutral" with respect to different religions). Except for the teaching of religion in school course, Buisson, however, introduced the program of morality concept of God "as a perfect being" and "human obligations to God." Edited by Buisson in the 80s. It was published "Dictionary of Pedagogy and primary education" in 4 books.