Felix D`herelle

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Date of Birth: 04/25/1873

Age: 75

Place of birth: Montreal

Citizenship: France

The inventor of phage therapy

Felix D`Erell French-Canadian microbiologist; It is best known as one of the discoverers of bacteriophages.

D`Erell Born in Montreal, Quebec (Montreal, Quebec), in the family of French immigrants. His father died when he was only 6; shortly afterwards the family moved to Paris Felix (Paris). In Paris, Felix graduated from high school; later, in the autumn of 1891, Felix went to Bonn (Bonn), where a few months spent at the local university. Formal training - besides school - D`Erell never received; rich baggage of scientific knowledge it has received its own.

From 16 to 24 years old Felix plenty traveled all over the world; sponsored trip D`Erellya his mother. In his first journey - cycling tour in Western Europe - the future scientist went to 16 years; 17, after graduation, Felix went to South America. Later, he traveled extensively in Europe; 20 years, fate brought him to Turkey (Turkey), where D`Erell and met his future wife, Mary Cahir (Marie Caire) .24 years old Felix - who by that time not only her husband, but the father - moved with his family to Canada ; Here he built a laboratory and engaged in microbiological tests. With the help of a friend of the late father of knocked D`Erell the government grant to study the fermentation and distillation of maple syrup to schnapps. At the same time, Felix worked for some time in a geological expedition physician - without having any medical training or experience in the field; In addition, D`Erell some time together with his brother tried to engage in the production of chocolate - but, alas, eventually went bankrupt.

After the birth of her second daughter, and the almost complete collapse of the financial performance of Felix took the work under contract with the Government of Guatemala; he was engaged in bacteriology and on duty at war with terrible diseases that era - such as malaria or dengue fever. Parallel D`Erell worked on the technique of distillation of whiskey from bananas. He was given life terms, to say the least, dangerous and harsh; Felix, however, loved adventure and difficulties treated with a certain enthusiasm.

For some time, Felix worked in Mexico (Mexico), engaged in the elaboration of schnapps production equipment; machines required in the course of production, had to order in Paris. By controlling the creation of machines, Felix has worked at the Institute Pasteur (Pasteur Institute). Work on the Mexican plant D`Erell refused - work seemed to him too boring; for a while scientists fascinated by the fight against locusts torment surrounding plantations. Win bothersome insects Felix managed by highlighting the danger of infestation bacterium - and thereby anticipating the `bacteriological podhod` to pest control. Some time D`Erell held in Argentina (Argentina), after which he returned to France.

During the First World Felix and his team (which included his wife and his daughters) made drugs for the army. Vaccines at the time was little known, and many medicines have enough dangerous side effects. Experiments with bacteriophages - viruses, bacteria devouring - Felix suggested a new direction for the experiments. In those days no one knew for sure what all of bacteriophages represent themselves; as a result, many experiments D`Erellya were perceived as potentially dangerous and unethical. However, in time Felix was able to convince others of the effectiveness of their techniques; scientist has received a number of honorary degrees and awards, among them the medal `Leeuwenhoek medal` and 8 nominations for the Nobel Prize (Nobel prize).

Rest on our laurels, but Felix did not - the fate of the newly called him in the way. D`Erell has worked in Egypt (Egypt), and India (India), the USSR and the US; eventually, however, he returned to France. During the Second World scientist it was not easy; After the Second World its phage therapy has been forgotten - in its place came a simple and effective penicillin. Felix D`Erell died in Paris, from pancreatic cancer.

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