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Among the many labels that specialize in the manufacture of underwear ,label `Felina` stands above all high quality and practicality ; these characteristics have helped the company to withstand the onslaught of competitors more than 18 years, maintaining a leading position in the fashion market.

`Felina` - American fashion label specializing in the production of stylish underwear. Family Corporation `Felina` working in the industry for the production of fashion underwear for more than 18 years. During this time, the master of the creation process worked bra and panties, garters and corsets almost to perfection. The headquarters of the label is located in Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles, California); it is from this headquartersapartments exercises control over the production and sale of exquisite lingerie, made in the European style and sold at very affordable to the average consumer prices.

At the moment, `Felina` is considered one of the leading labels of underwear in the United States and louder asserting itself on the international market. Lingerie from `Felina` organically combines multiple and separately rather interesting elements. French and Swiss lace embroidery fabric European and American sense of style - all woven together in this masterpiece of design iskusstva.Glavnym source of fashion inspiration are the flowers - their natural graceIt embodied in high-quality fabric and helps create stunning in its beauty items.

The development of each new model is produced with maximum diligence ; designers are doing everything so that each new model is significantly different from their previous - and at the same time the most decorated figure his future mistress ,highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of hiding.

The label works not only for the girls traditionally - model looks, a few lines are specially designed for lush, curvaceous ladies ; individual lines are provided for the slightly built women.

Regardless of to whom oriented fashion ,they work at full capacity and do not accept any half measures in quality control. Lingerie from `Felina` not only looks good, but also very practical worn ; it is these two main elements label and helped win the hearts of US consumers.

The label `Felina` simultaneously produces several collections of different styles and formats ;at the moment of such collections under the auspices of the label comes out more than two dozen. It combines different variations of underwear it carefully conceived, unique practicality, high quality and sensual aesthetics.

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