Feliks Gantmaher

Picture of Feliks Gantmaher

Date of Birth: 02/23/1908

Age: 56

Citizenship: Russia


Born February 23, 1908 in Odessa. In 1916 he entered the high school, where he studied for Class 3, then 1 year - Labor School. After working in the school he engaged camostoyatelno, completed secondary education within two years. I engaged in the study of languages: German, English and franzuskogo.

C 1923 to 1925 listened (as auditor) the full course of the Mathematics Department of the Odessa Institute of National Education. In the 1925-26 academic year, he worked at the Higher seminar on the theoretical mechanics at the Odessa Polytechnic Institute in scientific and mathematical isselovatelskih workshops under the guidance of Suslov, SO Shatunovskij and Chebotarev. His first scientific paper - "On the fundamental differential forms of the theory of surfaces in Athens" - wrote in the summer of 1926. Later this work was reprinted in trdah Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. In 1927 he was enrolled in graduate school in theoretical mehanitse at the Odessa Institute of National Education, and finished it in 1930. After that, he worked first as a lecturer, and then professor of mathematics, and in the Odessa Institute of National Education and the Institute of Water Transport to November 1934.

He migrated to Moscow in December 1934, where he first studied for a doctorate and then worked in the Mathematical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1942-46 he headed the department of Central hydrodynamic Institute, engaged usovrshestvovaniem "Katyusha". For this work in 1944 he was awarded the Order of the Red Star, and in 1948 received the Stalin Prize of I degree in military sciences.

From 1947 he worked at the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute. Felix Ruvimovich taught courses on mathematical analysis, theoretical mechanics, stability theory, matrix theory. Since 1954 he headed the department of theoretical mechanics.

Died May 16, 1964. On the day of the funeral of Felix Ruvimovich sounded the wish that one of the streets of the city Dolgoprudny would bear the name of Professor Gantmakher.