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Fedor Efi & # 769; Vasyl Kadomtsev & # 769; to - Russian psychotherapist. Dean of the Faculty of psychological counseling at the Moscow City Psychological and Pedagogical University. Head of the department of individual and group psychotherapy, the doctor of psychological sciences, professor of individual and group psychotherapy Faculty Counselling MGPPU.

He studied at the Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Psychology, where he graduated from aspiraturu led by Leontiev, then Zinchenko. He defended his thesis. In 1990, the Center organized a psychology and psychotherapy. In 1991 he created "Moscow psychotherapeutic journal", in 1992 became the chief editor of the magazine. Since 1993, he becomes an employee of the Psychological Institute of RAO, since 1994 - Head of the Laboratory of scientific foundations of psychotherapy and counseling.

In 1997 he founded the Moscow City Psychological and Pedagogical University and headed the first Russian Faculty of psychological counseling, which led to this day. In 2007 he defended his doctoral dissertation.

He has developed and taught the following educational disciplines: Fundamentals of psychological counseling and psychotherapy,

Interpretive psychotherapy,

The psychology of consciousness and experience,

Psychotechnics life worlds,

Psychotechnics experiences

Psychotherapeutic didactics and supervision (for graduate students)


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List of publications for 2005:

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