Fedor Grinevskiy

Picture of Fedor Grinevskiy

Date of Birth: 01/29/1860

Age: 72

Place of birth: Sebezh

Citizenship: Poland


Born into a noble family. In 1881, after graduating with honors Vitebsk Alexander Gymnasium, he entered the natural sciences department of physics and mathematics faculty of Imperial Moscow University. 2 After his graduation he worked as an assistant at the department of morphology and systematics of plants under the supervision of Professor JH Gorozhankina. In 1886 he entered the Medical Faculty of Moscow University.

After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine she worked as a doctor in Moscow. To leave to fight the cholera epidemic, has published a number of scientific articles on the problems of microbiology and infectious diseases, has repeatedly lectured, he participated in the First Aid Society and a number of charities. He enjoyed great popularity as a private medical practitioner (his patients were big capitalist Savva Morozov, the actors of the Moscow Art Theatre Leonids, Meyerhold). In 1904 he organized in Moscow on Cook Street sanatorium for patients with internal and nervous diseases, and in 1913 bought the estate Grebnevo where renovated branch located country resort.

Fyodor headed Grebnevskoy sanatorium until 1920, after which, together with the family left for Poland. He lived and worked in Warsaw, Poland participated in the creation of the health system, the organization of holiday camps, sanatoria, boarding houses. In 1929 he moved with his family to the family estate in Yakubenko Disna powiat. It assumed the position of district physician; almost until his death worked in the dispensary, located in the village of FPGA engaged in scientific and social activities.