Fedor Gorbov

Picture of Fedor Gorbov

Date of Birth: 07/06/1916

Age: 61

Citizenship: Russia


Gorbov Fedor (07/06/1916 - 16/12/1977) - the national psychology. Born in the family of the writer. Finished three courses of the Second Moscow State University, in 1939, he volunteered for the Soviet Army and graduated from the military faculty of the same university. During World War II he was in the army as a military doctor. From 1945 to 1949 he worked in the Central Scientific Research Air Force hospital. In 1953 he defended his thesis, and in 1963 - his doctoral thesis on "paroxysms in continuous activity." He participated in the preparation of the first Soviet cosmonauts. Since 1967, he - the head of the laboratory of mental conditions of the Institute of General and Pedagogical Psychology. Professor, specialty "nervous diseases" (1965). He carried out the experimental work on the problem of traumatic brain injury, epilepsy and neuroses in aircrew. He developed an original method of studying the emotional sphere with the help of hyperbaric chambers, in which the simulated rises to a height. Studied Immunity operators, insulation effects crews compatibility. He studied the problem of mental states in the psychological, clinical and Biocybernetical aspects. Particular importance was attached to neurological and psychological mechanisms of self-reflection.


Neuropsychiatric aspects of the work of the operator. 1975.