Fedor Golubtsov

Picture of Fedor Golubtsov

Date of Birth: 12/23/1758

Age: 70

Citizenship: Russia

Golubtsov Fyodor

He began his service in the Senate.

Thanks to its kinship with Count Vasiliev Golubtsov, when Paul was appointed a senior member of the expedition of government revenue.

With the appointment in 1802 of Count Vasiliev Finance Minister, Golubtsov ranked state treasurer, and after the death Vassiliev in 1807 the Minister of Finance, and in this post he remained until 1810, when he was dismissed, it was said, at the insistence of Speransky.

The economic situation in Russia during his management bylorasstroeno, due to wars and the domination of the continental system; not in the best position and were our finances.

The only way out was the annual issue of paper money (banknotes), the number of which has risen to the end of upravleniyaGolubtsova to 577 million rubles., Which resulted in a drop in their purchasing power and the rate of exchange.

Measures to improve the economic and financial situation at the time of control by the Ministry of Finance Golubtsova was not accepted.