Fedor Golubinskiy

Picture of Fedor Golubinskiy

Date of Birth: 12/22/1797

Age: 56

Place of birth: Kostroma

Citizenship: Russia


Born December 22, 1797 in Kostroma. In 1818 he graduated from the Moscow Theological Academy. From 1824 to 1854 - Professor of the Academy. He taught courses on the history of philosophy, ontology, epistemology, moral philosophy. Major works Golubinsky, giving an idea of ??his religious and philosophical ideas were published posthumously. First of all, it records his lectures: Lectures on speculative theology, Speculative psychology, lectures on philosophy. Building on the tradition of Platonism, as a thinker addressed to the German philosophical classics, creativity F.Yakobi, F.Baadera OE and installing border philosophical experience in relation to the experience of divinity, Golubinsky at the same time felt the desire to infinity and indigenous knowledge of the original property of the human mind. The idea of ??the One Infinite Being - central and ontology Golubinsky, and his epistemological views. The idea of ??the Infinite Being determines the metaphysical nature of man, the infinite aspirations of his spirit. But the same idea "illuminates" the finiteness and limitations of all that exists in tomchisle and human cognition. The real answer to man in his aspiration to the infinite unity becomes a Divine Revelation. The task of philosophy as a "system of knowledge, acquired intelligence" is in the education of a man "the love of wisdom and the divine destiny of man."

Died Golubinsky Sergiev Posad 22 August 1854.