Fedor Girenok

Picture of Fedor Girenok

Date of Birth: 03/17/1948

Age: 68

Place of birth: Aleisk

Citizenship: Russia


In 1970 he graduated from high school in his hometown Aleisk (Altai Territory), then in 1976 he graduated from the Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University. In 1988 he defended his doctoral thesis on "Environmental consciousness as a phenomenon of civilization." In 1990-1992 gg. Leading Researcher INION USSR Academy of Sciences, since 1992 leading researcher of the Institute of Philosophy. Since 1999, professor of the department of philosophical anthropology faculty filososofskogo MGU.Kak pointed channel "Culture", "most of the philosophers are now - those who teach. If more write books as Girenok - a rarity, and luck "According to Alexei and Sergei Nilogova Shargunov," the accuracy of philosophical thinking in his works achieved the development of not only specific technical language, but also the organization of poetic text - using the deep language resources : proverbs, tales of everyday language, national idioms ".Among Girenko basic ideas: 1. He coined the idea of ??the Russian kosmizme.2. He spoke about the escapes being, believing that after being left alone and life event. Meanings of life tend to deprive the event ended sobytiynosti.antichnoy philosophy (Fedor Girenok) Lecture 1 3. Develop ideas arheoavangardnoy philosophy. Meanings of the last avant-garde strategies unpacked philosophizing. With this method the past buduschee.4 ahead. He spoke about what to replace historical thinking comes stalemate thinking (pat - chess term) .5. Considers Russian intelligentsia unsuccessful invention of history. Even less successful he believes the Soviet intelligentsiyu.6. Explore the possibility of Russian and Soviet discourses. He considers himself the successor of the Soviet-Russian resource myshleniya.7. Pinned great hopes on the new barbarians literally. He believes that instead of intellectualism and irony comes naive primitives pervobyta immediacy. Art dies. Iskusstvovedyostayutsya.8. In politics - a conservative revolutionary. Imperialist.9. I am convinced that the classical methods of philosophizing outdated. Franco-German philosophizing sample is a museum of modern thinking. These museum specimens should be used as simulators for students and all zhelayuschih.10. Invented klipovoy theory of thinking, believing that conceptual thinking has ceased to play any significant role in the modern world.1. Deep thinking people should be treated. This formulation is Kant invented. After all, think - meant to represent the world through concepts. If in the depths of the inner world of fantasies are born and committed forgetting the sense of reality, the problem of the mind is. to outwit a deep sensuality. Pull it into the light of concepts, turn out and set the cultural formami.2. "The man himself gives himself." This nonsense Kantian formula is the basis of activity-anthropology. That is not to think of man as a being or non-being. It is better to present the action. - After all, if we think of man as a being, it will inevitably come to the antinomies. For being born, people will be born without you. He will be missed by myself. To dare to give themselves. you need to you was not. And if you do not, how can you afford to give sebya.3. It makes no sense to Kant`s formula, according to which man is for himself its final goal. There being no purpose. It has not for anything, but substantialistically. But the effect of structured goal. Therefore, the action of man has a purpose. And this goal himself. And since the purpose can not be what it is, so far as the purpose of the action is what is not. Man appears and how what is achieved the goal, that is, means, and how that is achieved. As the goal. Therefore, man is understood as a means and as an end. Like that itself delaet.4. Nothing short of absurdity could not give rise to the human race.