Fedor Geyden

Picture of Fedor Geyden

Age: 79

Citizenship: Russia


The youngest son of Navarino hero, Admiral Count Heyden Logina Petrovich, born in 1821, was educated in the Corps of Pages, and July 22, 1840 was released an ensign in the Life Guards regiment of the Transfiguration; after a year of the exam was transferred to the Guards General Staff, but soon, at his own request, transferred to the Field General Staff with the appointment of the Caucasus consist in chief Count Mikhail Vorontsov.

Heiden participated in several expeditions, was wounded twice, and for the difference in Dargin expedition promoted to captain, and for the differences in the production trenching under the aul Salto, during which he was wounded, was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir 4-th degree and the Order of St. George 4-th degree (25 November 1847) As a reward for a great courage and bravery, rendered against the Highlanders, when the conquest of the fortified village of Salto, in 1847

After 20 years, a feat of Salta, Heyden was enrolled in the 82 th Infantry Regiment of Dagestan.

In 1848 Heiden returned to the Guards General Staff and in 1849 was accompanied by the Adjutant General Count PH Grabbe to Constantinople, then he was granted the adjutant and appointed composed with Field Marshal Paskevich graph, Chief of the Army, which operated against the Hungarians. Participating with a group Grotengelma and Luders in hostilities generals Heyden particularly distinguished himself in battle at Hermannstadt and was awarded the rank of colonel and the Order of St. Vladimir 3rd degree.

In 1852, Heyden was appointed chief of staff of the 1st Army Corps, in 1854 - chief of staff of the Baltic housing, April 17, 1855 promoted to Major Generals to the appointment in the retinue of His Imperial Majesty, in 1856 he was appointed Chief of Staff Grenadier corps, August 30, 1861 - duty general of the General Staff, promoted to lieutenant general and in 1862 granted to the adjutant General. Is a member of committees for the transformation of military educational institutions, on the device and formation of troops, to change the organization of the troops and the chairman of the committee to discuss the funding of the Alexander Committee for the wounded, Heyden was an active assistant DA Milutin in military reforms in 1866 . was appointed chief of Staff and chairman of committees: military scientist and the movement of troops, as well as a permanent member of military training, military hospital and military prison committee.

April 17, 1870 Heyden was promoted to general of infantry and was appointed chairman of the commission for the development of the bases of universal conscription; Heiden for these works was awarded the Order of the White Eagle, and St.. Vladimir 1-st degree.

In 1875, Heyden was appointed chairman of the committee for preparing the mobilization of troops, and during the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878., Due to the departure of DA Milutin to the army, served as minister of war, at what lay on him the whole weight of the work replenishment of the army and the formation of the reserve and replacement troops.

He was awarded for this work the Order of St. Andrew, Heiden in 1881, he was appointed governor-general of Finland, the Finnish Commander Military District and a member of the State Council.

In 1882 he was elected an honorary member of the General Staff Academy. Died August 18, 1900