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Citizenship : United States

BiographySformirovannaya in Hartford (USA) in 1982 under the name "Misfit" group originally consisted of John Arch (vocals) , Jim Mateos (guitar) , Victor Arduini (guitar) Joe DiBiase (bass) , and Steve Zimmerman (drums) .

Subsequently, the team changed its name to "Fates warning", recorded a couple of demos and was invited to record a track ("Soldier Boy") on the compilation "Metal Massacre V", released on "Metal Blade Records" in 1984. The label immediately signed a long-term contract with the team and in the same year released her debut LP "Night On Brocken". The album was very much like the early "Iron maiden" as the music and vocals Archa.

In 1985 they released their second disc "The spectrum within", and shortly afterwards left the band guitarist Arduini. He was replaced by Frank Aresti. On the album, "Awaken the guardian" music band became more advanced and sophisticated than it was ranee.Fates warning: Ray Alder However Archa vocalist John did not like the new musical direction, which began to manifest "Fates warning" and he left the group. In his place, I found a much more suitable for the new team style vocalist Ray Elder. Most significantly it was showed on the disc "No exit". Vypuschenny album in 1988 was recognized as the most wonderful job in the entire discography of the band. Much credit for this also belonged to producer Max Norman, who fought for the pure, "Queensryche" -like sound.

Shortly after the release of this disc "Fates warning" knocked Zimmerman, and he was replaced by Mark Zonder. Once the group has completed a couple of fairly arduous European tour, "Perfect symmetry" was released in 1989.

Fates warning: Joey Vera in the disc recording participated as a guest of the future party "Dream theater" Kevin Moore. The resulting album, in some places sounded like with orchestral arrangements. The following "Parallels" CD, released in 1991, "Fates warning" returned to his early techno - metal sound. The album received very good reviews in the press, which found that the group team, able to offer to the public something worthwhile ,and deserves much more attention than it was before. In 1993 Mateos released his first solo album, and a year later the band returned with "Inside out". In 1996, the composition of the "Fates warning" fled arrest and DiBiase.

The rest of the team is supplemented with a new member - former bassist "Armored saint" Joey Vera. The next disc "A Pleasant Shade Of Grey",towards a more compact style of the previous two editions, it includes a single 50-minute track.

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