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The name and image of the actor Murray Abraham, probably, forever associated with the envious - composer Antonio Salieri, whom he played in the film by Milos Forman`s "Amadeus". For this role brilliantly performed by the actor was awarded the " Oscar ", " Golden Globe "Award from the British Academy, and many other prestigious awards from the film world.

F. Murray Abraham (Fahrid Murray Abraham) was born in 1939 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the son of a car mechanic, a Syrian expat, and housewives - Italian. He spent his childhood in El Paso ,error status: 400Abraham made his debut in 1966 in the production of "The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit" by Ray Bradbury. A year later he could be seen in the off-Broadway play "The Fantasticks", where his colleagues were the scene of Jerry Orbach and Nancy Allen.

The first film, which had a chance to play Abraham, was the picture of Anthony Harvey " Perhapserror status: 400studying the "kitchen", and his acting potential has already noticed several directors.

The most notable work was the role of the early seventies in " the Oscar-winning " Herbert Ross` comedy " The Sunshine Boys " (The Sunshine Boys), after the success of the picture to Abraham are increasingly facing proposals for roles. He had a chance to play in the years in such filmsas " All the President`s Men " (All the President`s Men), Alan J.. Pakula, which received more than one " Oscar ", " Madman " (Madman) Dan Cohen, where his character proved to uppercase, and many others.

In 1983, the actor, whose reputation is already so high that he was invited only really important projects ,starred in Brian De Palma`s "The Man with the scar. " This picture was the prelude to the actor`s breakthrough Murray Abraham.

1984 brings the role of the actor, Antonio Salieri, that will forever change his status, the nature of the roles and of course ambition. He managed then really brilliant play your character. It sounded even viewerror status: 400His acting work expressed almost a hundred roles, among which the vast majority - the role is not incidental. In the piggy bank Abraham literally all the prestigious awards from the jury of various festivals and academies, and ahead - a lot of work. In 2009, the actor starred in the drama Glory Zuckerman`s "Perestroika " (Perestroika),as well as in the historical drama by Italian director Renzo Martinelli " Barbarossa " (Barbarossa).

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Farrid Murray Abraham picture
Farrid Murray Abraham photo
Farrid Murray Abraham image
Farrid Murray Abraham pic
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