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The first women`s band playing hard rock, "Fanny" in the first half of the 70-s position made ??listeners and critics respect, that was not so easy for men - the representatives of this style.

The first women`s band playing hard rock, "Fanny" in the first half of the 70 students achieved a position of respect and criticism, which was not so easy for men - the representatives of this style. Founder of the American team sisters June and Jean Millington were born in 1949 and 1950 respectively, in the Philippine capital Manila. Their father was a military man and in the early `60s his unit was transferred to Sacramento, where the girls have learned all the charm of hippie life. In 1966 at school sisters organized a quartet of "The sveltes". A couple of years later, replacing the two singers on a drummer, the band became a trio "Wild honey". Its composition was as follows : June Millington (lead guitar, vocals), Jean Millington (bass, vocals) and Alice De Ber (p 1950 Mason City, USA ; drums.) . For used minibus girls toured the clubs of the west coast of America, initially attracting the attention of the public is not so much the music, as the fact of its existence as a rock band.

In the autumn of 1969, when they played in Los Angeles-based clubs, they noticed the producer "Captain Beefheart" and Ella Fitzgerald Richard Perry ,who helped the girls get a contract with the "Reprise records".

During the recording of their debut album to "Wild honey" is now the fourth member, keyboardist Nicole Barclay (p. 21 April 1951, Washington). With her ??arrival on the recommendation of Perry team changed its name to "Fanny". In addition, Richard found himself produced the first three albums.In 1970 they released their debut LP "Fanny", which has become a test of strength and finding his style. The next album, "Charity Ball" was quite a mature work. The title track, issued as a single, hit the Top 40 "Billboard". Success also accompanied "Fanny" during their UK tour with "Jethro Tull" and "Humble Pie".In 1971 the band took part in the recording of Barbara Streisand and Nicky Barclay, in turn, recorded with blues guitarist Jesse Ed Davis.

Disc 1972 "Fanny Hill", recorded in London, owned by the "Beatles" Studio "Apple", was the pinnacle of creativity "Fanny".

At the end

1973 came fourth ,the heaviest sounding album "Mother`s Pride", too, recorded in London, but this time in the "Olympic Studios" and with a new producer, Todd Rundgren. In the spring of 1974 the first conflict occurred in the group, with the result that it left the June Millington. In its place was Patti Quatro (p October 1948, Detroit,. Guitar, bass) sister of the legendary Suzi Quatro. A month later of June and was followed by Alice, who succeeded Bry Howard. Last lasted long in the composition and location of the shock took Cam Devis.V this part of "Fanny" signed a new contract with "Casablanca records" and recorded a mediocre album, "Rock And Roll Survivors".After that the band almost broke up. True spring of 1975 a farewell single, "Butter boy" got a 29 th place US chartov.Byvshie team member engaged in solo works and participate in projects of other musicians, but not much success achieved. In 1978 Millington sisters united to record the album "Ladies On The Stage", issued in the "United Artists".

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