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Year of birth : 2001

Age: `14

Birthplace : Wilmette, Illinois, USA.

Citizenship : United StatesBiographyKogda bassist and lyricist for the group * Fall Out Boy * Pete Wentz was a boy, he loved to read Curious George * * * * and * Babar Books Scary Richard *, but the most beloved children`s book was a history of Ferdinand * * Monroe Leaf.

The story about the giant buffalo, who was sitting under the cork oak and smelled the flowers, instead of fighting and butting. The story so inspired Pete what he termed as the most successful at the moment recording group "From Under the Cork Tree".

* I think it`s a wonderful metaphor for describing what may be people * - Pete says. * In this there is something noble - to do what you want, not what others expect from you. * Fall Out Boy formed in Chicago on the ruins of various rock bands. Wentz grew up with Tromanom, they, along with Hurley played in different bands. But when they broke up the group, the trio began to play together. Then they encountered Stump, whose melodic but sharp vocals were a great addition. But even when the group was well chosen ,the musicians had no ambition for the future plans. " We just wanted to do something, without intention, whatever that * something * ever become something worthwhile, " - says Wentz. "We do not even have a name, to our second concert, we played some college. We asked how to call us, and someone shouted `Fall Out Boy.` ` Since they were from the Midwest, not in New York or Los Angeles, it was not in their favor from the outset that only made ??them stronger. Fortunately, they were not allowed to large sites, which enabled them to grow without external pressure that helped them become who they are now. They recorded a demo recording includes three songs ,which is sent to all the company`s Records, which they only knew. They attracted the attention of many labels, but in the end, they signed a contract with the label * Fueled by Ramen * and their debut Take This to Your Grave (Take it to the grave) has sold over 200 thousand copies.

Last time stamp and Wentz wrote songs together. This process is shared, it is attended by guitarist Joe Troman and drummer Andy Hurley. As a result turns music smoother. In addition, Patrick often wrote songs based on feelings and sensations of the words that he wrote Wentz.

" This is a struggle to figure out how to put his words to his music, because his voice is totally different from mine,or even identical timbre. You can change all the impression of the song, " says Patrick. " So, I was among the feed material texts, which I really liked, and handle it. "

Trying to put on his music, special, stamp and trying to avoid unpleasant moments with other groups, Fall Out Boy use black humor,they use the mind (* inscription on my wrist says, " Do not open until Christmas " *) .

Similarly, the names of the songs Champagne For my Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends "," You`re a Concrete Boy Now (Do Your Part to Save the Scene and Stop Going to Shows) " damn funny, but do not seem absurd. One of the funniest names is "A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More `Touch Me`."

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