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The group, very ably related to its work - to make the pop-punk in the best traditions of the sunny California.

For a start it should be noted ,that Sia group of Victorville has nothing to do with the other team FACE TO FACE, which was based in Boston and played the New Wave of hip -hop. Initially, the team was very poor musicians - there were only three : Matt Riddle (bass guitar) , Trevor Keith (guitar / vocals) and drummer Rob Kurth.Second guitarist Chad Yaro add on with the disc "Big Choice".

FACE TO FACE has been and remains a very traditional American punk band, begins to hang the flesh on the skeleton HUSKER DU and SOCIAL DISTORTION, but later hit in the more traditional and commercial sound a la BAD RELIGION. And not without success - to the pointthat the "Face To Face" fourth album, already released on a major label A & M. He, though differed considerable force and an abundance of really melodic songs and nimble, yet disappoint fans expecting a mini - masterpiece at "Big Choice". In late 1997 FACE TO FACE going to release a live album with songs from all four disks.However, a fire trailer, which were tape canceling those plans. Fortunately, not permanently - release date has been postponed, and the band began to rewrite concert vystupleniy.V the beginning of 1998 the guys from FACE TO FACE following the old tradition created his own record company ,They named her Lady Luck and promise to release on it all the bands that they like. During this time the group took an armful of line-up changes, which resulted in approved two new members : Scott Shiflett - bass, Pete Parada - drums,

Discography :

Don`t Turn Away 1991

Over It in 1994

Great choice of 1995

Face To Face 1996

Live 1998

Ignorance is Bliss 1999reaction 2000

Standards and Practice 2001

Source: Bocharov O. " Encyclopedia of Punk " (2001)

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