Fabulous Thunderbirds

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Year of birth: 1975

Age: 40 years

Citizenship: United States

BiographyNachinali as performers of classic R & blyuzRHYTHM & (R & ATa, but were only able to attract attention afterboth included in the repertoire of compositions in the style of "new wave".Fabulous Thunderbirds have a contract to record an album, but as it turned out, it was just a clever move: record "Girls Go Wild" is made in the spirit of traditional melodies of pop music 60`s with a noticeable influence of the blues. Later Fabulous Thunder-birds have returned to its original style, while trying himself in hard rock -this approach is fully justified itself, and a group of equally attracts both fans of traditional R & blyuzRHYTHM & (R & ATa, and those looking for the music hard sound One of the most successful works Fabulous Thunderbirds -. and this is an album in 1982 -He produced the famous musician Nick Lowe. Despite the success,the band decided to replace the producer -im became a famous singer and guitarist Dave Edmunds. Under his leadership, the Fabulous Thunderbirds in 1986 recorded an album, "Tuff Enuff", the eponymous single entered the US Top 10 and "pushed" to the album chartsy LP, which has a circulation -800 thousand copies -surprised even the company CBS, where he zapisyvalsya.Sleduyuschaya plate "Hot Number" was published in 1987, success is not earned. Jimmie Vaughn left the band in 1990, after fifteen years of irreproachable service, thereby putting the future of Fabulous Thunderbirds in doubt. Together with his younger brother, Stevie Ray Vaughn,he recorded a live album "Family Business", which was released after the tragic death of Steve in a plane crash in August 1990. Then Jimmy came back to the group, was recorded just one album, the appearance of which almost no one noticed. Despite the reunion Fabulous Thunderbirds in the starting lineup, their future is still in doubt.Discography

1. Girls Go Wild -1979

2.The Fabulous Thunderbirds - 1979

3. What`s Word - 1980

4. Butt Rockin` - 1981

5. T- Bird Rhythm - 1982

6. Tuff Enuff (CBS) - 1986

7. Hot Room (CBS) - 1987

8. Portfolio (Chrysalis) - 1989

9. Walk that walk, Talk That Talk (Epic) - 1991

10. The Best Of Fabulous Thunderbirds (EMI) - 1997


Hot Stuff- The Greatest Hits (EPIC) - 1997

12. HighWater (High Street) - 1997 [ Danny Kortchmar production and Steve Jordan ]

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