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Birthday : 18.11.1979 year

Age: 36 years

Birthplace : Brooklyn, New - York, SShAGrazhdanstvo : SShAOriginalnoe name: John Jackson

Original name: John Jackson


Fabolous (John Jackson) was born in Brooklyn, New York,November 18, 1979. Grown mother son Fabolous quickly earned a reputation as a decent musician, spreading its freestyle demo by a management team Cheo and Webb.

The turning point in the life of rap star was when he heard the king mixtape DJ Clue.Clue Fabolous`a took to his infancy Desert Storm label and began an active campaign to promote a new artist : the appearance of the key mixtape part in the tour Hard Knock Life, and of course, recording the classic verse on single Lil `Mo "Superwoman". DJ Clue so thoroughly prepared to debut his charge that ,despite the release date of 11 September 2001 (one day not only with the famous tragedy, but also the release of the new album Jay-Z), the plate "Ghetto Fabolous" immediately was in fourth place Billboard 200. To become the most successful rap rookie year Fabolous then helped the most elite unit of the industry : Ja Rule, The Neptunes, Lil `Mo, Timbaland,Nate Dogg, and many others. Mega single "I Can not Deny It" with Nate Dogg Fabolous helped bring to the masses a unique, attracts and very focused podachu.2002 rapper year has brought a whole chain of recognitions from various media. Rolling Stone magazine named Fabolous one of the 25 hottest stars under 25 ;edition of The Source musician placed on its cover. Fab tour also opens another star Nelly rap industry, and notorious company Reebok attracting young talent for the new advertising kampanii.Po Fabolous was even made ??a character of the game NBA Live 2003.

Works, issued in 2003, continued the impressive start career stars. The second CD entitled "Street Dreams" all remained in the same style within Fabolous, but lyrically it was something more adult, more independent. With guests of the caliber of Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Diddy, Mary J. Blige and the Ashanti, the album also sold well, but the look on life is clearly Fabolous became wider and clearer." I just want to get people off the street to think what they want to do. Sooner or later, everyone comes to focus on this ", - says Fab. According Fabolous, album Promise "Street Dreams" (lane -. Street dreams) , first of all, is precisely in those dreams that make a person look for a place to achieve them.For the album in the same year, followed by a mixtape "More Street Dreams Pt.2", which became one of the most rapidly perceived streets and three police arrest made ??in one of three period.Posledny Fabolous album at the moment "Real Talk" was released in 2004. The album went platinum is not as previous work ,despite the commercial production from The Neptunes, Just Blaze and Scott Storch. Fab reason lies in the content of a multilateral album. "This time I`m here to respect. I`m trying to wake lyudey.Moi last two albums have positioned me rather as a rapper for the girls, but I do not want to be so perceived. I want,to respect my words. " Rhymes album really command respect. Tracks with Sean Paul and Nate Dogg just easy and pleasant to listen to, and the single "Breathe" and does become his street anthem vremeni.Seychas Fabolous and Company Street Family Entertainment, which co-owner, he is preparing the fourth album of the word master. Let us hope that he will be released this summer and fall, and will continue the creative evolution of one of the most talented MC.

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