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Formed in the mid-80s the US team "Extreme" has made a name for himself in the early `90s, mainly due to guitar mastery Nano Bettencourt (b. September 20, 1966, Azores) . Although the style of the leader guitarist Nano comes from the manner of playing Eddie Van Halen, but in the music of "Extreme" can grasp the effect of "Queen", "Beatles" and ispolniteley.Voobsche jazz sound of the band is very difficult to characterize any particular style. History of the association began with the time when Gary Cherone (born July 26, 1961, Malden, United States. ;vocals) and Paul Geary (born July 24, 1961, Medford, USA. drums) played in the local Boston band "The Dream", which released only one EP in 1983 godu.Zatem group changed its name to "Extreme" and in 1985 for the first time He appeared on television with a clip "Mutha (Don`t Wanna Go to School Today)".

In 1986, the team joined Nano Bettencourt ,replace Hal Lebeksa, and a year later, Pat Badger (born July 22, 1967, Boston,. bass) came in place of Paul Mangona.Extreme By the time the group left one of its founders, guitarist Peter Hunt, who could not get along with Bettencourt. Pretty soon the musicians managed to sign a contract with "A & M Records",and soon took their debut with the song "Play With Me", the soundtrack to the film "

Bill And Ted`s Excellent Adventure ". In 1989, they released their first LP quartet ," Extreme ", is a mixture of metal, funk and blues. The material was damp, the first vinyl pancake was lumpy and was greeted by critics and audience indifference. Only in his native Boston disc I had good success. In the same 1989 "Extreme" toured North America and brought the group fame Yaponii.Shirokuyu second album, released in 1991, "Pornograffitti". First song "Get The Funk Out" got 19 th place in the British charts.

But the highlight of the program was the acoustic ballad ,written in the spirit of "Everly Brothers" - "More Than Words", published a single. The US number it took the first position, and in the UK located on the second line.

ExtremeZa It was followed by another hit, "Hole Hearted". However, the single reached "only" up to the fourth line of the American charts ,zatovplot until 1995 climbs of the best English Twenties. In May 1992, the "Extreme" took part in a concert dedicated to Freddy Mercury, and in the summer went on tour with David Lee Roth, and "Cinderella". The third album, "Extreme III: Three Sides to Every Story" had a good sale ,but musically it was weaker than its predecessor. Before the advent of the team at Donington festival in the summer of 1994 its members had left Paul Dzhiri.Ego place on drums took Mike Mangini (ex "Annihilator"). The new line-up the band took part in the European tour of "Aerosmith". The fourth CD "Extreme","Waiting for the Punchline", appeared on the shelves in 1995, but few people paid attention to it.

As a result, the next year it was announced the dissolution gruppy.Bettenkurt began a solo career, releasing several records, and vocalist Gary Cherone linked his fate with the "Van Halen"

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