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American network for stylish youth

In 1980, the network was listed `Express` one store in 1981 - 8, in 1986 - already 250 ; Now in the US alone it has more than 600 chain stores. Such successful growth is due primarily to successfully chosen niche ; web hosts have managed to fully satisfy their audience - young people with a sense of style.

At the moment, `Express` is considered one of the largest retail chains in strane.Orientiruetsya brand primarily at young people - open, bright ,who appreciate beautiful things, and not ashamed of their sexuality. work as young and promising designers for young customers of the brand. A total of 620 stores in the US alone each year bring 1.8 billion dohoda.Pervy `Express` store opened in 1980 ; in 1981-m to the brand joined his current CEO Michael Weiss (Michael Weiss). His arrival coincided with the expansion of the network of stores to 8 ; at the same time, however, the company did not stop - to 1986 -th in the network there were already more than 250 institutions. A year later, `Express` expanded range of products, starting to sell more and men`s clothing ;initially this trade was conducted only in 16 stores. Later, in 1989, trade of men`s clothing has been specially selected to entrust the label `Structure`.

In 2001, `Express` once again became the universal brand - previously allocated label was renamed to ` Express Men` and infused into the main system.

In 2006-m `Express` launched a menswear collection ` King of Prides`; it consisted of jeans, shirts and sweaters with hoods. Quite successful jeans brand produce began in 2005 ; however, the line `DPD` was curtailed after a while. Revive it only in 2009, under the name `Rerocks`;stylish jeans for men and women relished the masses.

In April 2008, the brand has released a limited edition women`s clothes authorship Bertuell Celia (Celia Birtwell).

May 15, 2007 th it was announced that 67% of the brand will be sold to the company `Golden Gate Capital Partners`;the transaction was completed in July - and sold in package included not 67, but 75 percent of the shares.

In 2010, it was stated the desire of the company to enter the IPO. It was originally supposed to gather at the same time about 300 million dollars. May 13 was issued 16 million shares at $ 17 apiece - a total cost of 272 million dollars. supposedthat the shares will be sold at a price 18 to $ 20 ; Alas, fate had decided otherwise - soon after the start of trading the price fell to 16.5 US dollars. Later, the price has increased, but only slightly - just 25 cents, to 16.75 dollars per share.

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