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Date of birth: 31.03.1971

Age: 45

Place of birth: Portshir

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Ewan Gordon McGregor was born March 31, 1971 in the town of Crieff, Portshir, Scotland. By the age of 9 he exactly decided for myself, that would be certainly an actor - very few of today`s stars could boast such confidence in its future.

Evan studied with his brother Colin Morrison Academy in private, where their father Jim was a teacher of physical education. By the realization of his dream of becoming an actor Evan approached only 16 years old when, with the approval of parents, who knew as a boy is bored in class, left school and got a job in the theater "Perth Repertory". First, he had to move the scenery and perform other menial work for 50 pounds a week, but he soon joined the troupe of actors and has played a leading role in the play "The message to India."

Get some experience of playing on the stage, McGregor went to the London School of Music and Drama Guildhall to improve his acting. Just before the end of this educational institution was offered a role in the television movie "Lipstick on your Collar" / Lipstick on Your Collar / Dennis Potter, where he acted in the way the clerk obsessed with Elvis Presley. According to McGregor, this work is the most important in the whole of his career, as it allowed him to learn how to work in front of the camera and gain valuable skills from the great masters.

After participating in another in the television project "Family Style" Evan finally hits the big screen, starring in the film with Robin Williams "Being Human" / Being Human /. Despite the fact that the film flopped at the box office, Evan did not lose heart, because he knew since childhood that we should go ahead and do not give up.

And he did not give up. In 1994, director Danny Boyle, Andrew Macdonald, together with the producer, screenwriter John Hodge, and Ewan McGregor make a thriller "Shallow Grave" / Shallow Grave, 1994 /. This dynamic film about three neighbors who killed his roommate with a view to get his suitcase "in cash" was seen by critics and Evan then more serious offers have started to arrive.

But the real turning point in the career of the actor there was only two years later, with the release in theaters of the cult of youth tape "Trainspotting" / Trainspotting, 1996 /. McGregor will never forget this role - for her sake, he had to make great sacrifices and change its appearance beyond recognition, bringing himself to a state of complete exhaustion. In addition, he had to periodically pay a visit to one of Edinburgh freaky dens. All this could not affect the actor. Once a year after the release of "Trainspotting," McGregor agent brought him to the American director Douglas McGrath on film samples "Emma", he reacted very skeptical. "Looking at him, I thought they were joking, - says McGrath -. Before me stood the actor, who looked as if he had serious problems with heroin, as I had to make him a charming young man to 1850 standards a year.?" But Evan was able to prove to the director that he is able to transform into any images and was taken to one of the roles.

In 1995, on the set of the television series "Kavanagh QC" McGregor met his current wife - Eve Mouvrakis older Evan at 7 years, working kinodizaynerom. Now they have two beautiful daughters.

In 1997, McGregor was invited to a cameo role in his favorite TV series "ER" where he played a gangster, taken hostage nurse.

This was followed by a series of more or less walk-through movies, which was destined to interrupt the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the blockbuster "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace." / Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace / George Lucas.

The ups and downs always make us stronger and wiser. Evan is generally useful. In 2000, he became a leading actor and producer in the film "Nora".

In the musical, Baz Luhrmann`s "Moulin Rouge" McGregor opened also his musical talent - his magnificent voice has become one of the main decorations of this enchanting picture. The brightness and juiciness of the film could not overshadow even the scandal performer starring Nicole Kidman and her husband Tom Cruise.

After each of his movie Evan, leaving a lasting impression, quietly "disappear." And when trying to pursue, he struggles with it, and, legal ways. For example, the actor was involved in the creation of society, "People against the paparazzi."

All last year, he was shot in Australia in the second episode of "Star Wars." But all his shooting is accompanied by family and Evan feels completely happy. My favorite work, understanding wife and children. All this gives an incentive for new achievements, and we will certainly hear more about this outstanding Scotsman.

Author: Natasha Timofeeva

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