Evsey David Domar

Picture of Evsey David Domar

Date of Birth: 04/16/1914

Age: 62

Place of Birth: Lodz,

Citizenship: United States


Evsey Domar was born on April 16, 1914 in Lodz, Poland (& # 321; & # 243; d & # 378;), which at the time was part of the Russian Empire (Russian Empire), and his real name - Domashevitsky. He grew up and was educated in the Russian Amur region (Russian Outer Manchuria), where in 1936 the young man was able to emigrate to the United States (United States). In the US, Domar wasted no time lost, in 1939 he graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles (University of California, Los Angeles) with a BA in 1940 and received a master`s degree from the University of Michigan (University of Michigan), and another degree Masters in 1943, but at Harvard University (Harvard University). Four years later at Harvard, he defended his doctoral dissertation.

In 1946, Evsey Domar married Carole Rosenthal (CarolaRosenthal), and the couple have two children appeared.

Domar taught at the Institute of Technology, Carnegie (Carnegie Institute of Technology), the University of Chicago (University of Chicago), Johns Hopkins University (Johns Hopkins University) and, since 1957 and until the end of his professorial career at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology ). Evsey Domar was a member of several scientific organizations, including the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (American Academy of Arts and Sciences), Econometric Society (Econometric Society) and the Center for in-depth study of the Behavioral Sciences (Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences). From 1962 to 1965 Professor Domar was a member of the executive committee of the American Economic Association (American Economic Association) and in 1970 became vice-president of this organization. He was also president of the Association of Comparative Economics (Association for Comparative Economics). In addition, Domar collaborated with the strategic research center `RAND Corporation`, Charitable Foundation Ford (Ford Foundation), the Brookings Research Institute (Brookings Institution), the National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation), Battelskim Memorial Institute (Battelle Memorial Institute) and the Institute of Defense analysis (Institute for Defense analysis).

Evsey Domar died on April 1, 1997 in a hospital Emerson (Emerson Hospital) in Concord, Massachusetts (Concord, Massachusetts), two weeks before his 83rd birthday.

Evsey Domar was a prominent follower of Keynes`s economic theory. He has made a significant contribution to the three main areas of the economy: economic history, comparative economics and the theory of economic growth. In 1946, Domar introduced the idea that economic growth is to reduce the deficit and public debt, and during the Cold War, he was an expert on the Soviet economy.

However, his most famous work was the fact that today is known as the `model of dynamic equilibrium of the Harrod-Domara` developed in conjunction with the British economist Roy Forbes Harrod (Roy Forbes Harrod), but independent of it. This model was the predecessor of all current models of growth and differed only in its restrictive assumption of fixed proportions in the production.

Among the most outstanding students Domar was an economic historian Robert Fogel (Robert Fogel), was awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize for economics (Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics).