Evklid Kurdzidis

Picture of Evklid Kurdzidis

Date of Birth: 02/22/1968

Age: 48

Place of birth: Yessentuki

Citizenship: Russia


Winner of the Prize "Small sturgeon" Changeling for comedy in the best male.

Supporting Actor - VI Open Russian festival "Smile, Russia!" (2005).

Cavalier "Order of the Peacemaker" (2006).

Thoroughbred Greek

Euclid Kyurdzidis for Greek nationality. This fact has always prompted journalists increased interest to the actor. Where is he from? Where he was born? And here at Euclid included fantasy, and he began to tell that he was born in Greece, arrived in Moscow ...

In fact, everything was different. Even during the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union Greece grandparents emigrated Euclid. And so it remained to live. Here, in the south of Russia, in a small Greek settlement February 22, 1968 the next Russian actor was born. The parents decided to name his son Euclid - in honor of the great Greek mathematician. Later the family moved to Essentuki, where Euclid Kyurdzidis and graduated from the eighth grade middle school.

Thirst become an artist

Euclid in early childhood he knew that when he grows up, is sure to become an artist. How? Well, that is another question. Maybe it will play in the theater, and maybe in a circus. The main thing is that the boy liked when people are happy around him. Learning that in Dnepropetrovsk there is drama school that accepts boys and girls from the age of fourteen, he graduated from the eighth grade, left home.

Parents are very worried about the choice of his son, believing that a man should get "serious" profession. For example - a doctor, a lawyer Ljubo. But their hopes were not realized. I had to accept.

And then Euclid, so to speak, whirled across the expanses of our vast country. At the end of 1987 Dnepropetrovsk Theater School directed its distribution in the Western Ukraine. After working for some time in the city of Lutsk Drama, Euclid Kyurdzidis was drafted into the Soviet army. His civic duty he served in the missile forces at the launch site "Kapustin Yar" in Astrakhan region.

After serving, Euclid Kyurdzidis settled in Pyatigorsk theater. On its stage actor Mizgir played in the play "The Snow Maiden" by Alexander Ostrovsky and other roles.

Film Institute

Kyurdzidis Euclid knew that his appearance will not be easy to fit into the repertoire of the Russian theater. Still studying at Dnepropetrovsk Theater School, the youth are not just heard: "Well, what are you going to play in the Russian theater?" Therefore, when Euclid decided to continue their education, the metropolitan theater universities, he chose VGIK. Maybe in the movies he could more? And there, through the film - and theater ...

To his great happiness, VGIK Euclid did the first time, hitting the course of the outstanding master Anatoly Romashin. They have been on a course of twenty-eight. About someone said, "Star", but about someone: "... and they let them learn." He was one of "those", proving their worth on a daily basis. Euclid Kyurdzidis in this regard says: "Maybe in this resistance, that put pressure on us, and we make our way, it makes sense? If all so easily given, I do not think it would be so sweet now. "

As a result of VGIK Euclid Kyurdzidis he graduated with honors, and this was only the beginning ...

The first role in the movie

In 1995, as a second-year student, Euclid Kyurdzidis debuted on the silver screen. Director Vladimir Motyl without trial confirmed the young actor in the small role in the Greek film "The bear my horses." To do this, Euclid had to make a small sacrifice - haircut and mustache release. Much later, in an interview with the actor asked what he can go for the role. Euclid said that if he is interested in the role, if the director is interesting, then there are no restrictions. It should be stout, to lose weight, shave bald - yes anything! But at the same time: "I Never perestuplyu through another person in order to get the role, whatever it may be. I can not crush, destroy, say that a bad actor, and I will play better ... "

This is the conquest of cinema Euclid Kyurdzidis began after the end of the 1997 Institute of Cinematography. Outside view of the actor, his nationality originally predetermined its role. The young actor was invited to play in the "eastern people", often terrorists: fighter nicknamed Scar in the series "Men`s Work" (2001), Vagif Chechen fighter in the series "SWAT" (2002, series "Broken Arrow").

The actor admits that he initially did not want to appear in the "Special Forces" - he was persuaded. First Kyurdzidis Euclid changed the face of his hero - had declined to gold chains and tracksuit. "I agreed to play this character only under the condition that I will have expensive clothes and without any chains, because the opponents have to do strong," - he recalled. But most importantly, Euclid tried to penetrate into the inner world of Vagif. However, it is important to him in any role. Euclid Kyurdzidis beat in the movie a lot of anti-heroes, and never did their unambiguous villains, it is not interesting for him. "I`ve always looked for in them some human hand, trying to understand what prompted them to these acts. Otherwise, it was impossible to play. "

In this regard, a very interesting work was the role of the actor in the movie Ruslan Shamaeva Balabanov`s "War" (2002). His hero - an elderly Chechen shepherd, father of two children, by fate drawn into the vortex of terrible events. Euclid Kyurdzidis recalls how he was appointed to this role, "Balabanov sent me the script and asked to choose a role. I have read and do not understand that I`m here I can even choose. There is a warlord Aslan, but he`s a big man, it is obviously not for me. There is a Chechen Ruslan, but he was in his fifties, he was a shepherd with gold teeth, almost an old man. Balabanov asks, "Well," I do not know what to say. He says: "Shaman". When I put on makeup and began to transform - crush hair, gold teeth glue - Balabanov stood by and kept repeating: "It is necessary to bring down the intellect, it is necessary to bring down the intellect. That was a shepherd, not an actor. "

Reincarnation succeeded fully. Kyurdzidis so organic in the form of an elderly shepherd, that he was not at once and you`ll know.